Solid Data Protection for the Modern Data Center

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Quantum and Veeam Better Together

In today’s innovative data center, a single data protection scheme is no longer sufficient to protect valuable data against any kind of loss. To make it simple for businesses to secure and protect against vulnerabilities, we partnered with Veeam to bring data centers a multi-tiered, scalable approach to data protection, to mitigate against any kind of disaster or loss - ensuring that businesses can resume normal operations in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost.

A One-Vendor Approach

Quantum and Veeam deliver a scalable solution to maximize data-storage efficiency and recovery. Veeam facilitates multi-tiered backup and replication to Quantum DXi® Backup Appliances, across sites, to the cloud, to ActiveScale™ Object Storage, and to Scalar® Tape Libraries. This multi-tiered solution enables businesses to:

  • Ensure business continuity.
  • Store, share, and preserve the digital assets over the entire data lifecycle.
  • Recover files in seconds with recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) well under 15 minutes for all applications and data.
  • Protect against ransomware and malware with an automated offline copy on tape, secured snapshots on high-performance disk, or with versioning on an object store – all offering immutability of your data.
  • Avoid complex integration requirements and public cloud egress charges.

Quantum and Veeam: A One Vendor Approach

Quantum Veeam Ready Products

DXi & Backup Appliances

Quantum DXi Backup Appliances – a Veeam Integrated Backup Repository

Quantum DXi Backup Appliances are a Veeam Ready Repository, and part of the Veeam Integrated Solutions program that enables the DXi to offer advanced levels of integration with Veeam. Quantum DXi Backup Appliances can be used as a Veeam Repository for all Veeam functionality, including fast backup and instant recovery using Veeam Data Mover Service (VDMS), support for Instant VM Recovery (“IVMR”), Synthetic Full backups, Snapshot, Sandbox, and SureBackup. DXi delivers all this using native inline deduplication, allowing longer retention of backup images. DXi systems can be easily configured directly from the Veeam user interface.

Synthetic Full Backups Now 15x Faster Using Veeam Fast Clone

DXi software uses the Veeam® Backup & Replication™ v10 Fast Clone feature to improve synthetic full performance by referencing existing data blocks on volumes instead of copying data blocks between files and copying those blocks only when files are modified. The result is faster creation of synthetic full backups, reduced disk space requirements, and a reduced load on storage devices. This solution is a best fit for IT environments that have intense I/O requirements or anyone wanting to improve performance. Tests in our labs and results from customer deployments show a 15x improvement in the speed of synthetic full backups, in some cases reducing creation time from hours to minutes.

Quantum Active Scale Veeam Ready Object Solution

Quantum ActiveScale Veeam Ready Object Solution

Quantum ActiveScale is a software-defined object store that provides massive scale and the highest levels of data durability. ActiveScale software is simple to deploy and manage, offering a reliable solution for long-term retention of backup data. Designed as a self-healing, highly scalable object storage system, ActiveScale software provides a data-forever storage infrastructure that is Veeam Ready, giving our customers a highly durable, cost-effective alternative to public cloud storage.

Quantum Scalar Veeam Ready Tape for Offline Protection

Quantum Scalar Veeam Ready Tape for Offline Protection

Scalar Tape Libraries are the lowest-cost and most-secure storage tier. With its inherent natural ability to form an ‘air-gap’, tape enables you to implement the 3-2-1-1-0 rule of data protection. The last ‘0’ rule recommends an offline copy for protection against cyber threats, such as ransomware, through Quantum’s proactive monitoring capability that complements Veeam’s recoverability verification tools. In addition to its natural ability to provide an offline or ‘air-gapped’ copy, tape offers AES 256-bit encryption and WORM (Write Once, Read Many) technology, and ultra-secure access control such as multi-factor authentication making these the most secure tape libraries in the market. Quantum Scalar Tape Libraries are a tested Veeam Ready Tape solution.

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