MR Datentechnik Launches New Storage Service with Quantum ActiveScale

Headquartered in the German state of Bavaria, MR Datentechnik offers a full range of IT solutions and managed services. Organizations engage the company for everything from infrastructure deployment and systems integration to digitization initiatives and fully outsourced IT management.

The company’s leadership team decided to launch a new storage service to help customers preserve and protect fast-growing data volumes. The online service could be used for backup and recovery, archiving, and data security.

Creating an S3-compatible service was a top priority. The MR Datentechnik team wanted to support S3 applications and workflows, and facilitate integration with S3 cloud storage environments. And because the MR Datentechnik team decided to focus first on the backup use case, the underlying storage platform had to integrate seamlessly with the latest version of Veeam Backup & Replication.

Building a New Storage Service on Quantum ActiveScale
In designing the new service, the team selected Quantum ActiveScale object storage. “Quantum ActiveScale provides the reliable, highly scalable S3-compatible object storage we needed for building our new storage service,” says Jochen Kraus, Managing Director of MR Datentechnik. “The platform is stable even under high loads, and it offers sophisticated software that is extremely useful for our multi-tenant environment.”

Seamlessly Integrating with Veeam Backup & Replication
Quantum ActiveScale provides tight integration with Veeam Backup & Replication—the industry-leading backup, recovery, and data security solution for on-premises and cloud workloads. ActiveScale is part of a comprehensive portfolio of Quantum Veeam Ready products. With ActiveScale as the foundation for a new storage service, the MR Datentechnik team—and its clients—can take advantage of the powerful new capabilities of Veeam Backup & Replication Version 12.

Accelerating Customer Onboarding—and Achieving Growth Targets Early
Building on ActiveScale has helped MR Datentechnik to drive swift growth for the new storage service. “Thanks to ActiveScale’s ability to automate the onboarding process, we can onboard customers in under a day,” says Kraus. “With that fast onboarding, we’ve been able to add customers to this service much more quickly than we anticipated. We have reached our two-year growth target goals in less than a year.”

Simplifying Expansion with Easy Scalability from Quantum
ActiveScale enables MR Datentechnik to scale compute, networking, and storage resources to support billions of objects and exabytes of capacity. “The simple scalability of ActiveScale means we can continue to onboard new customers and provide those customers with a rapidly expandable service,” says Kraus.

Maximizing Storage Resiliency and Controlling Complexity
ActiveScale’s rolling system upgrade capability and erasure coded data durability help MR Datentechnik deliver an always-on service that can tolerate component and site failures without jeopardizing availability. At the same time, the ActiveScale web-based interface helps simplify management. Looking ahead, the company’s leadership team envisions additional use cases for the service. According to Kraus, “By building on Quantum ActiveScale, we have a very flexible platform for meeting a broad spectrum of customer needs.”