Building Hyperscale Storage Clouds and Archives

Solutions Built for Hyperscale Cloud Providers and Enterprises

With unpredictable data growth and up to 90% of stored data rarely accessed again, hyperscale cloud providers, webscale companies, and large enterprises building storage clouds must establish agile, cost-effective strategies. Yet, a ‘one size fits all’ approach isn’t workable to meet ever-expanding storage needs and service offerings.

The right solution must fit the performance and availability needs of your users, your applications, your workflows, and your infrastructure. Plus, it must meet the monitoring, automation, and serviceability requirements defined by your operations team.

Quantum’s expertise and infrastructure solutions help you architect, build, and grow your storage clouds and archives for agility, availability, and affordability.

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Quantum solutions are purpose built for the unique storage and infrastructure requirements of hyperscale clouds, and are trusted and deployed by many of the world’s largest cloud providers.

Featured Benefits

Quantum helps you architect and build the massive storage resources you need to fuel your hyperscale IT services and meet exponential data growth. We deliver 40 years of experience, expertise, and leading-edge solutions architected for your environment, with worldwide service and support to help meet your business objectives. Plus, adaptable hardware and software designs that we can customize to meet your exacting requirements.


Innovative, Purpose-built Hyperscale Solutions

Collaborate with our dedicated hyperscaler architecture and engineering teams to design the right solution for your environment.


Industry-leading Security, Availability, Durability, and Scalability

Protect your data, and your business, for years and decades with our comprehensive portfolio of pioneering storage and archiving solutions.

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Simply Manage Exabytes at Scale

Easily manage thousands of systems, drives, and media with simple expansion, worldwide monitoring, plus staff augmentation and fully managed service offerings.

Scalable Storage Platforms

Scalar® Tape Drives and Libraries

Scalar® Tape Libraries

Industry-leading density, cyber-resilient libraries, optimized for rapid deployment and easy serviceability in hyperscale environments.

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StorNext® File Archives

StorNext® File Archives

Highly available file storage and archiving software with transparent, policy-based migration from high-speed tiers to disk, object, tape, and cloud resources.

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ActiveScale™ Object Storage

ActiveScale™ Object Storage

Unbounded scalability with no-compromise durability, security, and availability. Independently scale for active, warm, and cold data use cases.

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Enabling Technologies

  • The Quantum RAIL Architecture: A modular, scale-out architecture (RAIL: Redundant Array of Independent Libraries) providing scalability, performance, and redundancy.
  • Storage Efficiency: Thin provisioning, compression, tiering, and data deduplication technologies to maximize efficiency across large data sets.
  • Standardized API Services: For rapid development of intuitive workflows, applications, and service offerings on a global basis.
  • Worldwide Monitoring and Alerting: Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) manages key components at scale with 7x24 monitoring, advanced analytics, and reporting. Plus, SNMP, e-mail alerting, and syslog support.

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