DXi Backup Appliances

DXi backup appliances provide high performance, scalable storage for backup and multi-site disaster recovery, with the industry’s most efficient design. Variable-length deduplication maximizes data reduction, our unique replication engine enables multi-site protection and DR, and the high efficiency design enables customers to maximize backup performance while minimizing data center footprint.

Product Showcase

DXi9000 Series

With industry-best density, ultra fast performance, and the ability to protect PBs of data, the DXi9000 is the most efficient option for enterprise backup storage.

DXi4800 Series

With unique scaling from just a few TBs to over 100 TBs, the DXi4800 is the most efficient option for small backup environments and remote site protection.

DXi V-Series

The DXi-V series are virtual backup appliances that combine the power of variable-length dedupe with the simplicity and flexibility of virtual machines.

Featured Benefits

Quantum DXi appliances deliver the most efficient backup and DR solution for companies in all industries around the world.


Maximize Data Reduction

All DXi appliances leverage Quantum’s patented variable-length deduplication algorithm to maximize data reduction, minimize disk storage and minimize WAN traffic when replicating.


Maximize Production System Availability

DXi appliances provide high-performance ingest and restore capabilities for all leading backup applications.


Scale Capacity with Ease

DXi appliances make it easy to scale capacity more linearly as your data grows, often simply via a license key, and in more granular increments than other solutions


Reduce Data Center Power and Cooling

DXi appliances deliver the most efficient design in the market, with best-in-class storage densities that enable customers to protect their data with fewer disks, which means less rack space, less power and less cooling.


Integrated with All Leading Backup Applications

DXi appliances are integrated and certified with all leading backup applications, making it easy to integrate into your environment.

Download and Try Our DXi V-Series Today!

Interested in trying out DXi deduplication? Download a fully-featured DXi virtual machine with up to 1 TB of usable capacity.


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