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Protect your data—and your business—with 70X greater efficiency.

TD SYNNEX ensures business continuity, saves costs with DXi.

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Reduce Risks with Efficient Data Protection, Cyber Resilience, and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is critical to every organization, and enterprises must protect against operational risks and ensure recovery from ransomware and other disasters. DXi backup appliances are the cornerstone to a flexible, cost-effective strategy that fully protects your data and keeps your business running without interruption.

Part of Quantum’s comprehensive end-to-end data protection portfolio, DXi appliances deliver the industry’s best inline data reduction at the lowest cost throughout your entire backup environment, across edge, core, and cloud, to protect your AI data sets and other mission-critical workloads.

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Protecting Data with an Efficient Purpose-Built Design

Myriad’s all-flash file and object software adapts to your needs over time, eliminates the need for custom hardware, and frees up your staff to focus on business priorities.


Reduce Backup Costs with Efficient Data Reduction

Minimize storage footprint and network traffic with up to 70X* greater efficiency with DXi deduplication and compression.

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Defend Against the Threat of Ransomware

Protect your business against cybercrimes and ensure fast data recovery with secure, encrypted, immutable copies.

DXi Secure Snapshots


Deploy End-to-End Solutions, Across Edge, Core, and Cloud

Deploy DXi Virtual and physical appliances with built-in replication and tiering to your core data center, the edge and cloud.

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TD SYNNEX Scales Backup and Disaster Recovery While Controlling Costs

"Quantum deduplication allows us to back up all of that data and transfer it offsite daily. Without Quantum deduplication, there’s no way we could transfer that much data every day."

Jason ShenSenior Director of System Administration, TD SYNNEX
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Airbus Defence and Space Fixes VM Backup Woes with Veeam and Quantum DXi

Airbus Defence and Space Fixes VM Backup Woes with Veeam and Quantum DXi

"The Veeam-Quantum combination was far and away the best option that we saw, both in terms of technology and economics…our total ownership costs were one-half to one-third of the alternative."

Pascal Garcia Infrastructure and System Engineer, TSOC
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The Eau de Paris Streamlines Backups and Keeps Operations Flowing Safely

"We needed to get faster backups on a daily basis, considering the constant data growth. On top of that, we also wanted to put in place the backup best practices including a disk-to-disk-to-tape strategy."

Jean-Michel di Nicolo Project Manager, Information Systems Department at Eau de Paris
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Amidata Transforms Its Data Protection Business with Quantum

Amidata Transforms Its Data Protection Business with Quantum

"The Quantum DXi appliance is a rock-solid solution—that’s why we keep going back to Quantum. The DXi systems we use for our backup-as-a-service offering just do their job, and we don’t have to think about them. "

Michael Whelan Managing Director, Amidata
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Cost-Effective Backup Portfolio Across the Entire Organization

DXi backup appliances help you simply apply 3-2-1-1 best practices across your organization by connecting directly with additional DXi appliances, object storage, tape libraries, and the public cloud to deliver complete data protection, disaster recovery, and long-term data retention.

Cost-Effective Backup Portfolio Across the Entire Organization

Offerings for SMBs to the Largest Enterprise

DXi Model DXi V5000
Community Edition
virtual appliance
DXi V5000
Enterprise Edition
virtual appliance
DXi4800 DXi9000 DXi9000 High Density DXi9100
Usable Capacity 100 GB - 5 TB 5 - 256 TB 8 - 315 TB 51 TB - 1.02 PB 204 TB - 1.02 PB 204 TB - 2 PB
Total Usable Capacity with DXi Cloud Share** NA NA 8 - 945 TB​ 51 TB - 3.06 PB 204 TB - 3.06 PB 204 TB - 6 PB
Total Logical Capacity @ 70:1* 7 - 350 TB 350 TB - 17.92 PB 560 TB - 66.15 PB 3.57 TB - 214.2 PB 14.28 TB - 214.2 PB 14.28 TB - 420 PB
Performance Standard With DXi Accent Dependent on hardware used Up to 35 TB/h
Up to 95 TB/h
Up to 64 TB/h
Up to 98 TB/h
Up to 63 TB/h
Up to 99 TB/h
  *Realized rates will vary depending on the specific data and workload characteristics. Based on internal field data of actual customer deployments, data reduction rates can be as high as 70X.
**Cloud Share usable capacity scales at a rate of 2X the DXi capacity licensed.

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