Try Quantum DXi Software Free for a Limited Time!

Quantum DXi® software is fast and simple to download, and is deployable within minutes. For DR and ransomware protection, it includes the power and flexibility of target-based deduplication, instant encrypted replication that can send data to any other virtual or physical DXi appliances. The Secure Snapshot feature enables you to defend against cyber attacks, keeping data immutable. Quantum DXi integrates seamlessly into your environment and is compatible with leading backup software.

DXi V5000 Trial Key Features

  • Store up to 1 TB of usable capacity.
  • Feature-rich DXi technology in a virtual model.

Trial Software and System Requirements:

  • This trial is not for use in production environments but includes licensing for up to 1 TB storage (raw, may be slightly larger if not including the storage required for metadata and I/O).

The VM image will have the following defaults:

  • VM name "DXiV5000-trial"
  • DXi Software version is 4.4.0.
  • Boot disk is 50 GiB, thin provisioned, < 10 GiB actual usage after first-time boot.
  • Single data + metadata disk: 100 GiB, thin provisioned, < 2 GiB actual usage after first-time boot.
  • Memory 4 GiB
  • 2 64-bit CPUs
  • 1 network port