Try Quantum DXi Software Free for a Limited Time!

Quantum DXi series of backup appliances provide a uniquely powerful solution for meeting your backup and recovery needs. DXi offers the industry’s most efficient variable-length deduplication to maximize data reduction and storage efficiency. WAN-optimized replication means data can be replicated between sites efficiently and with minimal bandwidth. And DXi appliances plug into any backup application environment, with support for a number of protocols including NAS, OST, VTL, and the Veeam Data Mover Service.

DXi V5000 is a virtual appliance with all of the features and capabilities of a DXi appliance. It is easy to download and install into your virtual environment, can store up to 1 TB of useable capacity, and is absolutely free!

Download the DXi V5000 virtual appliance and test drive it in your own environment to experience the power of DXi today.

DXi V5000 System Requirements:

  • This trial is not for use in production environments but includes licensing for up to 1 TB storage (raw, may be slightly larger if not including the storage required for metadata and I/O).

The VM image will have the following defaults:

  • VM name "DXiV5000-trial"
  • DXi Software version is 4.4.0.
  • Requires ESXi 6.5
  • Boot disk is 50 GiB, thin provisioned, < 10 GiB actual usage after first-time boot.
  • Single data + metadata disk: 100 GiB, thin provisioned, < 2 GiB actual usage after first-time boot.
  • Memory 4 GiB
  • 2 64-bit CPUs
  • 1 network port