Comprehensive Data Protection with Atempo Tina

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Validated Solutions for Data Protection and Cyber Resilience

Quantum validated solution bundles for Atempo Tina are comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that simply and affordably protect your data from operational failures, site disaster, and cyberattacks.

Based on Atempo Tina backup and recovery software, these bundles are configurable solutions available for organizations of all sizes to address the need for durable, secure, onsite and offsite data copies, across a wide range of data sources and storage targets.

Atempo Tina bundles are configurable solutions available for organizations of all sizes

Protect all your physical and virtual systems, applications, and file data. Full support of the Quantum secondary storage portfolio provides comprehensive protection of your IT environment, no matter its size or complexity.

Featured Benefits

Comprehensive, Multi-Workload Data Protection

Centrally manage all sources, targets, scheduling, and recovery with a common interface across all OS’s, physical systems, VM’s, applications, databases, and Microsoft 365.

3-2-1-1 Best Practice Solutions

Easily create online and offline copies on multiple media including disk, object, tape, and cloud targets and replicate them to remote sites.

Immutable Protection Against Ransomware

Take a multi-layered approach to protect your data and easily recover from malware with immutability and air gapping across both local and offsite copies.

Simply Recover Data with Fast, Intuitive 3-Click Restores

Restore copies from a precise moment with Time Navigation. Navigate the backup tree structure for a granular view, then simply select and restore from available versions.

Validated Solution Bundles for Atempo Tina Specifications

  • Simpler Virtualized Infrastructure Management: Full protection of VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, and OpenStack environments including point-in-time file level restores in case of file deletion or corruption.
  • Completely Protect Microsoft 365 from Mail to Collaborative App’s: Protect Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, with advanced searching and granular restore of mailboxes, folders, emails, SharePoint and Teams sites.
  • Tape and Library Management for Air-Gapped Protection: Write backups directly to tape at high speed without disk staging. Indexing of files and their locations on tape provides fast data restores.
Specifications SMB
A converged media server and disk-based backup system
A configurable media server solution for backup environments of any size
Usable Capacity 16 TB Minimum
80 TB Maximum
(up to 20:1 deduplication)
Storage target performance TB/hour Up to 2 TB per hour N/A
RAM 64 GB - 128 GB 64 GB standard, up to 1.5 TB optional
Networking 1GbE + 10GbE standard, 10/25GbE, 40/100GbE optional
Software Atempo Tina
DXi V5000
Atempo Tina
Data source compatibility All major operating systems, hypervisors, and database systems
Storage target compatibility Quantum DXi, DXi Path to Tape (PTT), ActiveScale, Scalar
3rd party disk, backup appliances, tape, S3-compatible cloud storage, Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL)
Replication All supported DXi appliances and versions N/A
Tape integration options SAS, FC
Space Requirements 2U
Power Consumption 1100 W

Cutting Edge Cyberthreat Protection

Quantum’s portfolio of backup target platforms combines decades of storage and data management expertise with our latest innovations and modern technologies to simply and affordably address data immutability, recoverability, durability, and security requirements.

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