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Whether the data is satellite images, CAD drawings, film industry dailies, office documents, DNA sequence data or corporate reports, its long-term value lies in persistent availability to be analyzed, monetized, or otherwise reused in the future, not just when it’s collected. Built on next-generation object storage technology, Quantum's durable online storage scales to hundreds of petabytes more economically than primary storage, with better performance than tape. 

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Lattus™ Object Storage meets the extreme scalability, durability and access requirements of large-scale, long-term archives.

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Extreme Scale for Active Archives

As an extension of your primary storage, Lattus scales capacity to hundreds of petabytes, with the bandwidth to match. And Lattus supports the large number of concurrent users in today’s collaborative environments. Lattus also offers several different “on-ramp” options that enable you to easily integrate it into your workflows, leveraging S3, NAS, and StorNext®. Plus, Lattus can spread data across different geographies and sites to ensure access and availability. 


Data Durability with Self Healing

Because you need to ensure your data will be there when you need it, Lattus includes self-healing algorithms that continuously check data integrity and correct errors on-the-fly. Lattus is designed to be resilient in the face of device failures or site disaster. The best part: Lattus durability policies are configurable and changeable, letting you decide the amount of error resiliency. 


Lower Operating Costs

With Lattus, drive failures do not require immediate drive replacement and rebuilds. Lattus also eliminates costly technology refresh challenges with its self-migrating feature. And the concept of unscheduled maintenance goes away due to the error resiliency and redundancy in Lattus. Tiering data from StorNext primary storage to Lattus can make massive data growth manageable—and affordable. 


Flexible for Your Unique Workflow

Xcellis Foundation can grow as your business dictates. Easily add capacity, connectivity and redundancy. With StorNext advanced data management, you can add Quantum nearline and archive solutions—including popular public cloud storage services—with built-in storage tiering without disrupting your workflows. 

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