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Keeping “Data Forever” Can Get Costly

Some of our customers have many petabytes of unstructured data – hi-res video content, satellite images, CAD drawings, scientific research data, or other IoT data – that they need to keep forever.

And the value of that data is persistent.  It needs to be stored so that it can be analyzed, monetized, or otherwise reused in the future.

Problem is, it can’t be stored on flash forever (too expensive), and in some cases, the latencies of tape may not be acceptable. 

Keeping “Data Forever” Can Get Costly
Create an Active Archive with Object Storage

Create an Active Archive with Object Storage

Quantum object storage meets the extreme scalability, durability and access requirements of large-scale, long-term archives.  It is durable online storage that scales to hundreds of petabytes more economically than primary storage, with better performance than tape. 

Erasure-coding technology is used to store objects on disk in the most efficient way, reducing storage costs and providing a self-protecting active archive. 

It’s the perfect solution for an active archive – for your digital media assets, for your critical scientific research data, or maybe just for creating a big data lake. 

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Key Features


Lattus Object Storage Diagram

Extreme Scale for Active Archives

As an extension of your primary storage, Quantum object storage scales capacity to hundreds of petabytes, with the bandwidth to match.


Predictably Fast Retrieval Times

Low latency disk storage yields predictably fast retrieval times, independent of physical location.


Durable, Self-Healing Protection from Data Loss

Using field-proven forward error correction code technology, Lattus provides extreme durability to ensure data is protected in the event of device or component failure.


Easy Integration with Existing Workflow

High-speed access to content is available through a variety of access on-ramp. Applications can connect via Quantum’s NAS gateway as well as Lattus native S3 HTTP REST protocol. 

Crown Media

Crown Media Selects Lattus Object Storage to Extend Online Storage for Content Explosion

“We have an essentially unlimited archive capacity that lets us bring back assets much faster than before—at disk speed. We’ve eliminated backup but have much better protection—there are always least two copies of the assets, and we have full site loss protection.”

Roy Burns Director of Digital Asset Management, Crown Media
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Quantum StorNext and Extended Online Workflow Storage Enables 100% 4K Operation at Leading Hollywood Post-Production Facility

“We have deployed Quantum QXS SSD storage. It is capable of sustaining up to eight realtime 4K streams. That means that my facility is probably the most efficient facility in the world in terms of feeding artists realtime 4K.”

Larry Chernoff CEO, MTI Film
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Crawford Media Services

Crawford Media Services Revolutionizes Media Archiving with Lattus Object Storage

“Lattus gives us the ability to provide a level of archiving service that we have not seen from anyone else in the industry—100% data integrity, migration to newer technology in the future through nondisruptive scalability, and the option of storing duplicate copies of data in different locations for an additional level of DR protection.”

Steve Davis Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Crawford Media Services
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The Ark Stays On Top Of Data Flood With Lattus Object Storage

“We were keen on looking at object storage as a solution for the future, having looked at a number of other options. We already have an existing StorNext system, so the Quantum solution for us seemed an ideal marriage.”

Dave Carstairs Technology Consultant, The Ark Post Production
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