Technology Partners

Proven Solutions from Quantum Advantage Partners

Quantum works closely with our Technology Partners to deliver proven joint solutions based on our award-winning scale-out storage, archive and data protection portfolio. Together, we create rock-solid solutions for today's most demanding environments.

Applications can be tested and certified to run on Quantum appliances that support the Dynamic Application Environment (DAE). This unique capability reduces cost and complexity of server and networking infrastructure by creating a virtual compute space for applications. The Dynamic Application Environment is perfect for utilities and small applications that benefit from close proximity to storage and may not warrant a separate stand-alone server. Xcellis manages the resources without affecting the performance or functionality of storage, maintaining the access that clients demand.

Xcellis reserves the necessary resources to operate the storage environment and then opens the remaining computing power to support third-party applications. Using a KVM Hypervisor over Linux, these applications deploy as virtual machines. This allows for easy and flexible changes in the application environment. Xcellis allocates and maintains the compute, network, and storage resources for the apps, so there’s no custom development needed to utilize this feature.