Myriad All-Flash Scale-Out File and Object Storage

Cloud-native software that brings new levels of simplicity and adaptability to your high-performance unstructured data workloads.

The Constraints of Legacy Scale-Out Storage Systems

Unstructured data in the enterprise is accelerating today and is expected to double over the next 5 years; yet most of this data is stored on scale-out storage systems designed over 20 years ago. These scale-out NAS systems don’t provide the performance and scale required by today’s unstructured data needs since most rely on specialized hardware that can’t run natively in the cloud. This constrains data-driven enterprises where they must make compromises and tradeoffs.


Myriad: Simple, Adaptable All-Flash Storage with the Future
Built In

Myriad™ is an all-flash, scale-out file and object storage software platform for unstructured data needs in the enterprise. Its modern, cloud-native software architecture makes it easy for you to avoid the trappings of hardware-centric systems, making it highly adaptable for your future needs while reducing the burden on over-extended IT staff. Myriad is ideal for rapid recovery of mission-critical data, for rendering demanding VFX and animation workloads, and building modern data lakes for analytics and business intelligence.

Key attributes include:

  • Low-Latency, High Performance for Demanding Workloads: Myriad’s distributed architecture is designed for NVMe and RDMA, delivering low latency and high performance for unstructured data applications at any scale.
  • Simplicity Redefined: Myriad is fully containerized and orchestrated by proven Kubernetes technology to deliver simplicity, automation, and resiliency for the most demanding workloads.
  • Cloud-Native Software Architecture: Myriad does not rely on any specialized hardware so you can quickly adopt the latest hardware to meet your future storage infrastructure needs.
  • Automated Storage, Networking, and Cluster Management: The software automatically detects, deploys, and configures new nodes, and manages the networking of the RDMA fabric. Expand, modify, and shrink clusters with minimal IT involvement.
  • Built for Performance and Efficiency: Myriad stores your data efficiently with intelligent deduplication, compression, and self-healing, self-balancing software.
  • Simplified Data Protection and Rapid Recovery: Myriad enables rapid recovery of your data with space-efficient clones, snapshot recovery tools, and rollback capabilities.

A Myriad cluster can start with as few as five NVMe all-flash storage nodes, and its architecture enables scaling to hundreds of nodes in a single distributed, scale-out cluster.

A Myriad cluster can start with as few as five NVMe all-flash storage nodes, and its architecture enables scaling to hundreds of nodes in a single distributed, scale-out cluster.

Featured Benefits

Eliminate Constraints, Future-Proof Your Infrastructure

Don’t be constrained by legacy scale-out NAS and hardware-centric systems. With Myriad, you can adapt any unstructured data workload on-premises and in any cloud.

Reduce Overall Operational Costs

Reduce operational and storage costs with efficient off-the-shelf, high-volume data storage servers. Consolidate workloads onto a single scalable, simple, and green all-flash Myriad cluster.

Fast, Consistent Data Access and Rapid Restores

All-NVME, scale-out design provides extremely high throughput and low latency for fast access to workloads and rapid recovery of data.

Adopt New Features Faster, Free Up IT Resources

Modern, microservices architecture means faster upgrades and enhancements with less risk. Manage large clusters with little IT involvement and no networking expertise.

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