Myriad All-Flash Scale-Out File and Object Storage

Adapt to your future needs with cloud-like simplicity.

Myriad ends the constraints of hardware-centric systems.

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A Modern All-Flash Design to Keep Pace with Change

Modern applications like data science, AI, VFX and animation require a solution that delivers consistent, high performance and low latency. It's also critical to have an agile, modern infrastructure that doesn’t rely on legacy or custom hardware and adapts as your needs change to keep costs low, reduce complexity, and future-proof your infrastructure.

Quantum Myriad's scale-out file and object storage cloud-native software is an easy-to-use solution that overcomes the limitations of hardware-centric designs. This means you can adapt to future storage needs while reducing the management burden of over-extended staff so they can focus on business priorities. Replace legacy disk-based systems with Myriad’s modern, software-defined, all-flash platform that delivers faster performance, greater scale, and better power efficiency.

When deployed in tandem with our solutions for long-term archiving and data protection, you get a comprehensive end-to-end platform that covers your needs from ingest to analysis to archive to extract the most value from your data across the lifecycle.


Cloud-Native Software Brings New Levels of Simplicity and Adaptability

DXi®-Series appliances are uniquely powerful solutions for meeting your backup needs, service levels, and cyber recovery efforts, providing cost efficiency, simple operations, fast data access, and scalable solutions, so you can keep your business running without interruption.


Focus on Innovation

AI automation and cloud-like simplicity enable easy management with little IT involvement. Microservices can be deployed quickly so you can adopt new features and fixes faster, freeing up IT to focus on innovation.

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Meet Business Priorities

Instead of relying on outdated systems or custom hardware constraints, Myriad’s modern microservices architecture that runs natively in the cloud delivers a flexible, scalable, and simple solution that adapts to your future needs.

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Reduce Costs, Go Green

Myriad offers up to 60% better storage efficiency than legacy scale-out NAS systems that require large storage overhead for metadata and metadata operations. Reduce data center footprint, power and cooling costs, and emissions.

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Today’s Applications and Data Require a Modern, All-Flash, Adaptable Architecture. Hear More From IDC:

Solutions for the Entire Data Lifecycle

Quantum’s end-to-end platform for the data lifecycle includes Myriad for “hot data” that requires high performance and low latency all the way to solutions for “cold data” that must be archived for years or even decades for analysis and compliance.

 Solutions for the Entire Data Lifecycle

Myriad System Capacity and Scaling

System Capacity System Capacity at 1.5x
Effective Data Reduction
System Capacity TB at 3x
Effective Data Reduction
Individual NVMe Storage
Node Capacity
765 TB in 5 NVMe Storage Nodes up to 1.53 PB raw in 10 NVMe Storage Nodes 921.6 TB in 5 NVMe Storage Nodes up to 1.84 PB in 10 NVMe Storage Nodes 1.84 PB in 5 NVMe Storage Nodes to 3.68 PB in 10 NVMe Storage Nodes 153.6 TB per NVMe Storage Node, 10 NVMe Drive Bays of 15.36 TB each

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End-to-end solutions for the data lifecycle from ingest for high-performance workloads to long-term archiving for cold data.

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