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Your Difference Is in Your Data

Yesterday, data was simply stored and managed. Today, data is an essential differentiator. At Quantum, we believe it's time to shift the focus from accumulating data to making it work much harder. It’s a new data reality that’s endlessly alive. It’s massively growing, widely distributed, unstructured, and it’s gaining value at every turn. Your video and unstructured data not only needs to be fully protected, but it is also full of possibility. Quantum partners with you so you can shape it, use it, and transform it into the information you need to drive forward. With Quantum, you can enrich, orchestrate, protect, and archive your video and unstructured data, securely and at scale—now and for decades to come.

With Living Data, the Impossible Becomes the Possible

It’s not only about managing data. It’s about making sure you can extract value from it to gain a competitive edge. Between 80-90% of data collected today is unstructured. Locked inside these video and audio files, photos, security camera footage, sensor data, scientific data, and satellite imagery is a wealth of information that holds the key to informed decision-making.

We enable a world where data is alive. We make it right-time, right-place data so it’s available, discoverable, and safe. With Quantum, you have the insights you need to drive new opportunities, explore new paths, or accelerate the next groundbreaking discovery. Our bold, innovative, end-to-end data solutions allow forward-thinking organizations—like yours—to harness the enriched world of living data.

Solutions to Securely Scale Your Organization

Quantum allows you to focus on growing your business, not on managing your data. With the security of onsite data and the ease of the cloud, our software, subscriptions, and services help to power your data infrastructure. You no longer must choose how much of your valuable data to save—our edge-to-core-to-cloud solutions are designed with smart economics in mind. And, since we build in security at the foundation of our data solutions, you never have to sacrifice flexibility for data safety.

An End-to-End Platform to Support Data Growth

This isn’t inflexible, one-size-fits-all data management. It’s innovative technology that supports your business, your needs, and your budget through the entire lifecycle—from where data is captured to where it’s stored to where it’s used. From the world’s fastest file system for video to OPEX-friendly software subscriptions and as-a-Service options, Quantum solutions support your business every step of the way. Whether your business is helping to keep the world safe, making breakthrough discoveries, or creating entertainment, our end-to-end data solutions are built for living data.

The Tools You Need to Add Value to Your Data

Quantum builds in data enrichment at the foundation of our solutions, so getting valuable information from your data is not an afterthought. With complete, ecosystem-friendly solutions, you can store as much data as you need—now and in the future—and leverage rich information about your business. Quantum solutions allow you to avoid overprovisioning your data infrastructure through scalable on-prem solutions and subscription-based models. So, with Quantum, your data works for you.

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What People Say About Quantum

The ActiveScale has already proven itself to be a totally stable, honest, no-nonsense appliance that just "gets on with it" - exactly what we need from a backup repository.

Linux Analyst
Government Industry



ActiveScale has been in our company for a long time, it is honestly a software that has grown in all aspects, functionality, performance.

Knowledge Specialist
Financial Industry



Quantum DXi appliance is extremely robust and a must have for backup application. It is easy to use, simple to install, and works almost right out of the box.

Director of IT
Retail Industry



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