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First, there was a monolithic storage system that addressed the majority of applications’ needs for storage performance and capacity. Then came virtualization with demands for storage diversification. Today, organizations seek solutions that address their specific IT challenges and enable them to drive competitive advantage.

StorNext File System is a software platform architected to manage data through its lifecycle, delivering the required balance of high performance, data protection and preservation, scalability, and cost.

Other systems may deliver throughput performance, but not across thousands of parallel streams at sub-millisecond latency. Other systems can provide capacity, but not the ability to dynamically move data to media with the most appropriate mix of performance and cost. Other systems offer long-term retention in lower-cost storage, but cannot automate data movement and ensure integrity, resiliency, and accessibility on-premise or in the cloud.


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StorNext Appliances Overview

Quantum offers a flexible range of appliances to the host the StorNext file system in order to meet the unique needs of any organization.

H2000 Series

H4000 Series

Our newest line of high-performance storage appliances for hosting the StorNext 7 File System. The H4000 series is based on the latest innovations in hardware performance and efficiency, and takes advantage of a new system architecture to deliver an entire StorNext File System environment on a single 2U server.

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Xcellis Appliances

Xcellis® Appliances

Our line of dedicated storage appliances including metadata controller appliances and gateway appliances.

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StorNext Block Storage Systems

These block storage systems are designed for use with the StorNext File System and can also be used for other high-throughput low-latency workloads.

H2000 Series

F-Series NVMe Storage Servers

Ultra-fast NVMe storage servers for editing, rendering, and processing of video content and other large unstructured data sets.

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H2000-Series SSD/HDD Storage Arrays

High-performance block storage arrays based on Quantum software-defined block storage architecture used for scaling up StorNext File System capacity and for other high-throughput, low-latency workloads. Available in a 2U 12-drive model which supports NL-SAS HDDs and 2U 24-drive model which supports SSD or 10K RPM HDDs.

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QXS™ Series

QXS-Series SSD/HDD Storage Arrays

High-performance block storage arrays for use with the StorNext File System and other high-throughput, low-latency workloads. Available in a 2U 12-drive, 2U 24-drive, or 5U 84-drive high density models, with storage options that include 10K HDD, NL-SAS HDDs, and SSDs.

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Industry-Leading Features

StorNext clients running MacOS, Linux, or Windows may connect to a StorNext File Storage system in a variety of ways. Each connectivity method benefits from unique characteristics, enabling you to maximize performance, affordability, and simplicity.

Clients and Connectivity
  • StorNext Client
  • NAS
  • S3

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