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Building a truly collaborative and efficient environment for your large content creation team can be highly complex and if not implemented well, can disrupt ongoing production. The ideal solution should be adapted to your team's needs, let your entire team share content across projects effortlessly, help them find and discover content across your entire content archive to start new productions quickly, and protect that valuable content archive as it grows. Above all, the solution should be a natural extension of the creative team's tools of choice for the highest levels of efficiency.

Introducing the Quantum Collaborative Workflow Solution

To meet this challenge Quantum has developed the Quantum Collaborative Workflow Solution powered by Quantum CatDV and Quantum StorNext®. This solution was designed specifically for teams that rely on Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud and addresses the challenges of remote workflow editing and collaboration for large creative teams seeking maximum productivity and demanding a completely integrated, Quantum-tested and supported solution.

The solution is sized and customized for each individual customer’s needs and delivered as a ‘ready to go to work solution’ with all system integration, customization and training completed.

Quantum StorNext: A StorNext shared storage file system environment to support the entire workgroup for content production and editing within the facility, and extended to remote users for file sharing, collaboration, delivery, and file ingest.

Quantum CatDV: Installation and configuration of Quantum CatDV Server with Worker automation for content ingest, indexing, letting teams grade, curate, search and discover content across the entire content library, speed work-in-progress and project based production with review and approve, content versioning, and real-time commenting, and file movement and orchestration for individual workflows including for content archiving and protection, while keeping all content available to use immediately for the entire team.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud: The installation and configuration includes setup of the Quantum CatDV panel that offers a full content discovery and tagging interface as a panel within Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects.

Content Archiving and Protection: The solution can include integrated archiving, orchestrated within Quantum StorNext and Quantum CatDV to give additional levels of content protection, or move content to other content repositories. The technology choices range from scale-out storage, to private object storage like Quantum ActiveScale™, tape storage like Quantum Scalar®, or almost any S3-addressable storage.

Transcoding Acceleration: The solution can include Quantum delivered and supported NVIDIA-powered transcoding servers integrated into the ingest, transcode, and proxy creation workflow for the highest level of content transformation performance.

Adobe Collaboration Solution Diagram v2.jpgThe solution includes:

  • A complete, high-performance StorNext 7 collaborative shared environment tuned for both on-site and remote team members for maximum productivity
  • Installation and integration of the CatDV Panel for Adobe Creative Cloud, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop, giving creative users access to their entire content and project asset library directly within the Adobe workflow tool of choice
  • Installation and tuning of a complete installation of CatDV Server and Worker Nodes powering automation workflows for file ingest, proxy creation, and content push and pull from shared storage to archive
  • CatDV archive plugin installation and configuration, and customer’s option of library archive storage of Quantum Scalar Tape, ActiveScale, or Cloud
  • Optional remote workstation integration for Teradici or similar services
  • All support and training included for a turnkey, ready-to-work solution


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Building a Collaborative Workflow for Adobe Premiere Pro Remote Editing with Quantum StorNext and CatDV

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