Quantum Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) Software

Monitor System Health. Anytime. Anywhere.

Real-Time Monitoring and Predictive Issue Resolution

Predictability is crucial in an inter-connected environment, and cost and savings are important to your organization. With Quantum’s Cloud-Business Analytics (CBA) enabled, your Quantum appliance collects performance data at regular intervals, giving you the opportunity to make the right decision at the right time concerning performance, capacity and network capabilities. Analyze when you will need to scale as your data requirements grow through flexible charting tools.

Real-time analytics can help you prevent issues and gain a better understanding of the complexities of your data-driven eco-system to configure any storage system based on performance, capacity, and long-term retention capabilities. CBA helps you achieve the results you need to get your systems to perform at their peak.


Quantum Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) Software

Quantum’s Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) software is a cloud-based monitoring and management tool that enables administrators, Quantum support personnel, and authorized service providers to monitor system health remotely. All services can be leveraged together or a-la-carte to collect, analyze, diagnose and execute expert recommendations saving you time and effort in investigating your system’s issue.

Quantum Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) Software

Featured Benefits


Gain insight

Manage complex issues with ease from your Quantum Multi-Environment Systems at-a-glance anytime, anywhere


Identify Performance Bottlenecks

Collect the data you need to detect, diagnose, and quickly resolve performance challenges in complex multi-product environments


Reduce Downtime

Monitoring service (MS) to detect unexpected downtime and create intuitive logs of system health, prescriptive and predictive


Save Time and Reduce OPEX

Access remote support capabilities and quick support turnaround by eliminating/reducing the need to request log data, saving administrative time and operational expense

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