CatDV Asset Management Platform

Helping organizations with large volumes of video, stills, audio, and metadata organize, communicate, and collaborate more effectively.

CatDV Asset Management Platform interface

Produce Content and Results More Quickly

Any organization managing a large volume of video, images, and other valuable file data needs to catalog and organize these assets – both in-work and after completion. Teams can collaborate more effectively and produce content more quickly. Managers can control and track who is working on what and manage access control across the full data lifecycle for secure sharing and data governance. Complex tiered storage is made simple. Large content archives can be indexed and searched across local and cloud repositories. And the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can be leveraged to enrich the data further. In short, an asset management platform can help organizations unlock the business value in their digital data.

CatDV Asset Management Platform

CatDV is an agile asset management and workflow orchestration platform that provides powerful asset management, automation, and collaboration tools for any organization that manages large volumes of digital media. The platform delivers a wide variety of media-centric capabilities, including traditional PAM, MAM, and DAM, sophisticated workflow automation, and fully customized applications.

CatDV deployments create transparency and visibility, ensure best practices are followed and increases team productivity. CatDV unlocks value in our client’s media, saving time, money, and stress, whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud, across traditional and object storage tiers.



Featured Benefits

Communicate and Collaborate More Effectively

Organize your assets, control and track who is working on what, and quickly find content across complex tiered storage environments.

Unlock Value in Large Content Archives

Easily search content in large archives, both on-premise and in the cloud so content can be enhanced and repurposed.

Automate Workflows Across Complex Tiered Storage

Complex tiered storage is made simple with a powerful workflow automation engine including managing ingest, review and approval, production planning, tracking, and archive.

Save Time and Money by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

CatDV integrates with leading AI services to log and tag content through capabilities such as speech to text and automatic language translation. It can search for content automatically on attributes such as people, places, things, and even sentiment.

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