Quantum + NVIDIA AI and ML Content Enhancement Solutions for CatDV

Deploy Powerful Content Enhancement Tools to Amplify and Automate Your Production

Integrating AI and ML models into your production and content monetization workflows can be highly complex – and is often impractical if your content needs to be sent to the cloud for every operation. The ideal solution should leverage your on-site hardware for maximum performance and be tightly integrated with your media asset management solution for the highest efficiency. Above all, your AI and ML solution should amplify and automate the work of your content experts to speed production time and make content discovery and enhancement across even the largest content libraries possible.

Introducing the Quantum AI and ML Content Enhancement Solution

To meet this challenge, Quantum has developed the Quantum AI and ML Content Enhancement Solution powered by Quantum CatDV and StorNext®, which integrates powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning capability from NVIDIA.

The solution adds AI and ML content automation workflows to the familiar CatDV interface, leveraging the NVIDIA DeepStream, Riva, and Maxine SDK’s. It is powered by CatDV servers and NVIDIA GPU systems for common tasks, such as object recognition within frames of video, speech-to-text translation, video and audio super-resolution, and other tools to add valuable metadata to video and image files, saving time and money and unlocking hidden value in media content.

Powerful AI and ML technology can integrate with Quantum CatDV

Powerful AI and ML technology integrates with Quantum CatDV to perform object recognition, audio transcription, or your custom content discovery and enhancement modules that place searchable timeline markers on your content for rapid discovery and production automation.

The solution includes:

  • CatDV Enterprise solution with CatDV Automation Workers.
  • AI/ML integration based on NVIDIA DeepStream, Riva, and Maxine SDKs.
  • NVIDIA GPU hardware pipeline integration for CatDV proxy generation, transcoding, and AI acceleration.
  • Additional optional custom AI/ML development to customer needs or to enable customer’s development teams on the common platform.
  • StorNext environment integration to customer needs.
  • Optional NVMe storage, such as F2100 to accelerate content movement within the GPU pipeline.
  • Optional archive to ActiveScale™, Scalar® tape, or S3-compatible storage per customer needs.

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