Castilla–La Mancha Media Expands Its Public Archive with Quantum

Over the past two decades, CMM’s content archive has grown considerably. It contains not only news and depictions of historical events from the Castilla–La Mancha region but also an array of entertainment programming. Preserving that material and making it available to citizens are essential for supporting and protecting the region’s cultural identity.

To help ensure the continued availability of archived content while also keeping up with evolving production requirements, CMM needed to update its storage environment. The organization needed a scalable storage platform that could handle fast-growing volumes of high-resolution content. Performance was also key for giving users a responsive experience. At the same time, the archive had to help maintain availability and data protection. Finally, any new storage platform had to integrate with the existing media asset management (MAM) system.

Building an End-to-End Storage Environment with Quantum
Working with Datos Media Technologies, which serves the broadcast industry, the CMM team decided to implement an end-to-end storage environment built on Quantum solutions. At the heart of the new solutions, the Quantum StorNext File System combines a single shared storage environment with efficient data lifecycle management. StorNext enables CMM team members to collaborate easily, even as workflows span primary storage, extended online storage, multi-cloud storage, and data tape-based archives.

The Quantum environment integrated with CMM’s existing Tedial cataloging and downloading system, which has been certified for StorNext 7. That integration allowed the organization to implement the new end-to-end environment without interrupting workflows.

Enabling High-Performance Access to Content
The StorNext-powered solution provides the high-performance, shared access that CMM users need to retrieve and work with broadcast-level HD content. StorNext also gives administrators the flexibility to match system performance with workflow demands. Administrators can ensure certain performance levels for particular clients.

Simplifying Lifecycle Management
With an end-to-end environment built on StorNext, the CMM team does not have to spend excessive time moving content from one storage system to another. Lifecycle management capabilities move files automatically from primary storage to the tape archive or cloud storage based on policies set by the CMM team. CMM can expand its large archive of regional content without adding manual, time-consuming work.

Preserving Valuable Regional Content
The Quantum solution helps ensure that stored and archived content is protected from potential security issues and continuously available to video production teams. The Scalar tape library offers Active Vault, which manages media between a backup partition and an air-gapped vaulted partition. Scalar iLayer™ proactive diagnostics software constantly monitors the tape library for potential issues. And Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) capabilities help make sure files are protected and readable for years to come.

Gaining Scalability for the Future
As CMM continues to produce more content, the team can expand its Quantum-based production storage and archive easily and cost-effectively, without having to rip and replace systems. “CMM and Datos have created a high-performance, highly scalable workflow to support the main regional television stations in Spain and national broadcasters across Europe,” said Sebastian Wainberg, regional sales manager at Quantum. “With Quantum, CMM has laid the foundation for enormous growth and scalability.”