Scalar i6000

Density. Performance. Security.

Scalar i6000 is the most feature-rich and technically advanced enterprise tape library available, allowing organizations to optimize the library configuration to meet their specific workflow demands.

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Is Enterprise Data Protection in a Crisis?

Is Enterprise Data Protection in a Crisis?

Enterprise IT departments face daunting data protection challenges. Not only is data growing rapidly, but there are more kinds of data sets and more complex, multi-application environments. Requirements to retain data for years and ensure its security are increasing at the same time there is more and more danger from threats like ransomware.

Disk-based data protection can become expensive over time and may not protect against malware. Storing data in the cloud can mean rising costs from 3rd-party vendors, and your critical data may be outside your control.

Scalar i6000 Enterprise Library from Quantum

Scalar i6000 is the Enterprise library with the industry’s best combination of capacity, security, and economy. A single unit can store up to 360 PB of data, and it scales using capacity-on-demand growth and slot-based pricing—so you get the densest and most economical storage now and in the future.

Retaining data on LTO protects it from malware and supports vaulting for DR protection, and the Scalar i6000 leads the industry in features that make sure data is protected and available.

Intelligent diagnostics monitor systems and issue proactive alerts. Full redundancy—from drives, power supplies, data and control paths, even robotics—ensures continuous availability. And Military-grade encryption and automated Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) ensures that your files are readable and safe, no matter how long you retain them. 

Scalar i6000 Enterprise Library from Quantum


Quantum Scalar i6000

High Density without Compromise

The only high-density design that does not compromise robotic performance or reliability, while providing up to 23.4 PB in a single, standard 19-inch rack footprint.


Reduce Administration Time

RESTful Web Services API enable users to script any library configuration, operational or reporting task that can be completed through the remote management web GUI. This comprehensive API allows customers to save time by automating any administrative task.


Minimize Downtime

Scalar i6000 has a comprehensive set of high-availability features to ensure the system remains operational and accessible. Redundant power supplies and path failover (for both robotic control and data path) provide the fault tolerance needed in an enterprise system. Additionally, intelligence built into the iLayer software provides a higher level of availability as advanced features like environmental and power monitoring, proactive diagnostics and media-drive cross-tab reporting, identify trends and notify users of potential issues before faults occur—enabling proactive control of the library system to ensure maximum uptime.


Ensure Data Integrity and Security

Intelligent features available in Scalar i6000 ensure that data stored for long-term retention remains both secure and preserved in a readable state. Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) runs policy-based integrity checks to ensure the data stored on tape remains readable. When coupled with intelligent data management applications, like Quantum StorNext®, content on suspect tapes can migrate automatically to a new tape, retaining data integrity levels set by the user-defined policies. Additional security features like AES 256-bit encryption, with set-and-forget library-controlled key management, and media removal notifications, ensure valuable content is protected from unauthorized access.

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Technical Specifications

Total Drive, Cartridge, and Capacity Ranges

Drive Type: LTO-8
Media Type: LTO-8 (L8)
Drives: 1 to 192
Cartridges: 100 to 12,006
Capacity (TB)1: 360,180

1Assumes 2.5:1 compression.

Total Drive, Cartridge, and Capacity Ranges

Drive Type: LTO-8
Media Type: LTO-7 (M8)2
Drives: 1 to 192
Cartridges: 100 to 12,006
Capacity (TB)1: 270,135

1Assumes 2.5:1 compression.
2New, unused LTO generation 7 cartridges can be initialized as LTO-8 Type M media (M8).

Total Drive, Cartridge, and Capacity Ranges

Drive Type: LTO-7
Media Type: LTO-7 (L7)
Drives: 1 to 192
Cartridges: 100 to 12,006
Capacity (TB)1: 180,090

1Assumes 2.5:1 compression.

Total Drive, Cartridge, and Capacity Ranges

Drive Type: LTO-6
Media Type: LTO-6 (L6)
Drives: 1 to 192
Cartridges: 100 to 12,006
Capacity (TB)1: 75,038

1Assumes 2.5:1 compression.

Cartridge Slot Starting Points: 100, 200, 400, 700, 1,500, 3,000, 5,000, 7,000, 9,000, and 11,000

Advanced Reporting: Media Integrity Analysis report, Media Usage  report, Drive Utilization report, Security report and media removal notifications; report scheduling with automated report creation and delivery to distribution lists


Firmware Auto-leveling: Maintains consistent firmware levels across all tape drives in the library

Dual Robot: Adds a second, redundant robot to the library for high availability

Library Partitioning: Supports up to 16 partitions for tape consolidation

Path Failover:
Control Path Failover
Data Path Failover, including support for path failure within the SAN fabric

Active Vault:

  • Vault archive tapes inside the library
  • Reduces software and hardware costs
  • Reduces management time
  • Included policy-based tape exports
  • Improves data security

Extended Data Life Management: Media health reports of cartridges stored for long-term archive and DR, information is collected outside of normal operations:

  • Automated scheduling for scanning tapes
  • Notifications on test results
  • Policy-based data migration to new cartridges
    • (only available with StorNext Storage Manager)

Library MSBF: Greater than 3 million

Library MTTR: 20 minutes, 10 minutes for Dual Robot replacement

Power: Optional 2N power

Diagnostics: Proactive Diagnostics embedded within the library monitor major subsystems, run self-diagnostic procedures, and send policy-based communications to system administrators

Drive Interface: 8 Gb Fibre Channel, 8 Gb native Fibre Channel

Library Interface: 8 Gb Fibre Channel bridged through the drive for data; 1 GbE with remote GUI and RESTful Web Services for library management.

Inventory Speed: For most modules, 1 minute 12 seconds; four modules <5 minutes

Configuration: Auto-discovery and auto-calibration for installed/added components (modules, tapes, drives, magazines, etc.)

Control Module (H × W × D): 77.4 in × 24.3 in × 38.3 in (196.6 cm × 61.7 cm × 97.4 cm)

Expansion Module (H × W × D): 77.4 in × 23.6 in × 38.3 in (196.6 cm × 59.9 cm × 97.4 cm)

Parking Module (H × W × D): 77.4 in × 23.6 in × 38.3 in (196.6 cm × 59.9 cm × 97.4 cm)

Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 2-24 KVA
-48 VDC, <1 kVA per module

Power: 80 PLUS® certified power supplies

Temperature: 15 °C to 35 °C operating temperature

Humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing operating humidity

Control Module: One I/E station with 24 slots

Expansion Modules: Option for 0, 24, or 72 slot I/E stations per expansion module

Maximum I/E Station Slots: 1,104 slots

Extended Import/Export: Allows licensed storage slots to be used as import/export elements

Bulk Load/Unload: Up to 540 slots per High-Density Expansion Module (HDEM) without interrupting library operations

Auto-import: Library automatically imports cartridges to multiple partitions based on user policies without needing cartridges placed in specific I/E slots

Export Redirect: Automatically redirects cartridge exports to bulk unload areas or to an Active Vault based on user policies

*Up to 240 import/export elements supported per logical partition

Safety Standards: TUV IEC-60950-1:2006 CB Scheme, EN 60950-1 2nd Edition

Emissions Standards: Class A: FCC CFR-47 Part 15, CISPR 22, EN 55022, KN22, ICES-003

Immunity Standards: EN 55024, KN24

International Certifications: CE, cTUVus, KCC (MIC), GOST, VCCI, C-Tick

For a complete list of software and platforms compatible with Scalar i6000, consult the most recent Software Compatibility Guide here.

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