Scalar Security Framework

A comprehensive tape storage framework for cyber protection and data security.

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Delivering the Most Secure Tape Systems – A Key Part of Cyber Resilient Infrastructures

Tape has emerged as a critical part of building cyber-resilient infrastructures, particularly for long-term archives, cold storage, and backup data. Tape is inherently more secure than flash (SSD) or disk-based (HDD) storage because of the nature of tape, but even tape systems can be made more secure. That is why Quantum developed the Scalar® Security Framework, which is a comprehensive security framework that controls system access, provides system monitoring and event detection, data security and encryption, and unique features for cyber protection and data integrity.



Exclusive Features Provide Multiple Levels of Cyber Protection and Resiliency

When it comes to data integrity and cyber protection, Quantum Scalar Tape systems offer three specific features that provide increasing levels of security for protecting data stored on tape.

Exclusive Features Provide Multiple Levels of Cyber-Protection and Resiliency

Key Features

  • Active Vault
  • Logical Tape Blocking
  • Ransom Block
  • Additional Security Features

Configuring Backup Applications with Active Vault

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