XENON Adopts Quantum Myriad to Support AI and Data-Intensive Workloads

Since 1996, XENON has built powerful solutions to solve complex parallel-compute problems and support large-scale data management workflows. Its customers use those solutions to discover life-saving medical therapies, fuel high-frequency trading, design innovative defense technologies, push the boundaries of AI, and more.

These customers require not only high-performance servers and networking but also high-performance, low-latency storage for demanding apps and data-intensive workloads. The storage must scale to support enormous—and growing—collections of data.

XENON has addressed several customer requirements for storing large data volumes with Quantum solutions, including Quantum ActiveScale object storage. “ActiveScale has been a big winner for us—and our customers—over the last couple of years to provide low-cost, long-term archiving for inactive data,” says Jon Tinberg, marketing manager at XENON. “The Quantum brand reputation coupled with our customers’ positive experiences with Quantum solutions make it an easy choice for storage.”

Until recently, XENON typically implemented storage platforms from other vendors to accommodate the need for high performance. But some platforms required extensive tuning. Other, high-priced platforms worked fine as point solutions for IOPS workloads but couldn’t provide end-to-end storage. “People are looking for a unified data management platform with the performance profiles they need,” says Tinberg.

Offering High Performance for Data-Intensive Workloads with Quantum Myriad
To provide a new high-performance storage option, the XENON team decided to expand its portfolio with Quantum Myriad all-flash, NVMe scale-out file and object storage. Designed for the latest NVMe flash and remote data memory access (RDMA) technologies, the Myriad software platform delivers consistent low-latency performance at any scale.

“Some of our customers have apps that need to crush through a large set of image files or move data sets on and off quickly,” says Tinberg. “With Myriad, their apps will have fast, low-latency access to essential data.”

Enhancing Storage Efficiency and Streamlining Management
Myriad offers enterprise capabilities that help improve storage efficiency. With inline deduplication and compression plus snapshots and clones, organizations can minimize data center sprawl and reduce power and cooling costs. For customers that choose to manage their own infrastructure, Myriad can also simplify administration. Automated capabilities enable organizations to scale or modify a cluster without the need for advanced technology skills. Self-balancing and self-healing capabilities help rebuild and rebalance data without intervention. “With Myriad, we can address significant customer pain points by controlling their management burdens,” says Tinberg.

Unifying Storage with an End-to-End Platform
Myriad enables XENON customers to implement a holistic storage platform from just one vendor. “Organizations now can manage their entire end-to-end storage environment—from hot, high-performance storage through cold, long-term archives—within a single Quantum data management sphere,” says Tinberg.