Amidata Launches New Cloud-Based Storage Service with Quantum ActiveScale

Amidata is dedicated to keeping client data safe. At the same time, the company reduces the time and effort customers must invest in data management and protection. Partnering with Quantum has enabled Amidata to create services that successfully compete in a crowded market. For example, the company built a backup-as-a-service offering using Quantum DXi Backup Appliances to provide fast, reliable backup and restore services, while eliminating the burden of these tasks from the customer’s staff.

The success of the backup-as-a-service offering led Amidata to explore additional Quantum solutions. “As we scaled our services, our storage needs grew dramatically, and we were hoping to reduce the number of new storage systems we deployed and consolidate our infrastructure,” says Michael Whelan, managing director at Amidata.

Implementing S3-Compatible Object Storage with Quantum ActiveScale
The Amidata team saw that Quantum ActiveScale Object Storage could provide the scalability and durability the company required. ActiveScale also meets Amidata’s needs for operational simplicity, linear scalability, and seamless growth across multiple storage tiers.

The ActiveScale solution can store data securely and reliably across both active and cold storage classes using Standard S3 and S3 Glacier interfaces. As a result, the solution can provide high-performance access for specific data sets and workloads, plus a dramatically lower cost storage tier for cost-effective long-term retention of data.

Object storage provides a durable, cost-effective approach for backing up and archiving growing data volumes while also protecting data from ransomware attacks. Amidata’s customers can use object storage to retain data longer at a lower cost, which is key for maintaining data compliance and assembling the large-scale data sets that fuel AI-driven insights.

Increasing Operational Efficiency for Backup Services
Initially, the company deployed ActiveScale for internal backups. Then Amidata began using the object storage solution as part of its backup-as-a-service offering. “With ActiveScale, we’re able to provide robust backup services even more efficiently,” says Whelan.

Launching a Public Storage Cloud
Amidata has now developed a new cloud storage service that competes with other public cloud offerings. “We’re using Quantum ActiveScale to deliver our Amidata Secure Cloud Storage service, which delivers highly scalable, available, and affordable active and long-term archiving for organizations across the entire Australian continent,” says Rocco Scaturchio, Amidata’s director of sales and marketing. The new offering enables organizations to tap into cloud storage benefits even if they lack internal cloud expertise. It also has the flexibility to support organizations that want to enhance existing backup solutions with a cloud-based storage tier. For example, customers using the most recent version of Veeam Backup and Replication can archive backup data sets directly to the ActiveScale cold storage tier at costs that are 80% lower than other solutions.

Achieving High Availability and Data Sovereignty Requirements with Geospreading
The Amidata offering based on ActiveScale should strongly appeal to organizations in highly regulated fields, such as government and education. “ActiveScale geospreading capabilities automatically place data across geographically distributed nodes in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth,” says Scaturchio. “This approach delivers unparalleled availability, durability, and reliability while keeping all data within Australia’s borders.”

Gearing up for Growing Customer Demand
The Amidata team is excited to bring the new offering based on ActiveScale to existing customers and new prospects. “As we continue to develop our customer-facing offerings, we look forward to seeing all the different ways our public storage cloud will help our customers meet their evolving data backup, storage, and archiving needs,” says Whelan.