Keeping a Growing Collection of Fan-Based Content Accessible

The Kansas City Chiefs have a loyal, thriving fanbase. To sustain that loyalty and keep fans engaged between games and between seasons, the team’s in-house video production team produces fun and exciting fan-based content that showcases players, provides game highlights, and more. The production team creates both short- and long-form material, ranging from 3-to-6-minute clips to 30-minute and hour-long TV shows.

Much of that content is delivered through the web and social media platforms, where the football franchise has an enormous following. On Facebook alone, the Chiefs have more than 1.8 million followers. Fan-based video is often consumed on mobile devices. The team has experienced an increase of 125% in volume and traffic per year.

Requiring Scalable Storage and Efficient Asset Management
The fan-based content, which incorporates extensive use of graphics and special effects, consumes a large and growing amount of storage. As fans increasingly use mobile apps and social media platforms to view video, and the production team has moved into new areas such as live and pre-season broadcasts, asset storage has expanded significantly.

The extended team of content creators—including full-time producers, a production manager, a photographer, and writers—must have fast, simple access to that content while working from a variety of desktop and laptop systems. Collaboration is key to meet tight deadlines.

With this collaborative environment, effective asset management is critical. The production team needs to archive material and subsequently find and reuse that content for different programs.

Streamlining Asset Management with CatDV
To help manage the large and growing collection of video content, the production team selected CatDV Asset Management. Adopting CatDV was central to an overall strategy of maximizing the value of content, improving workflows, enhancing productivity, and creating a more synergistic approach to content creation.

The team has built a new digital workflow with CatDV. The asset management solution is used at the front end to log and archive captured video, which can then be edited by team members.

Enhancing Collaborative Productivity
CatDV gives the Chiefs’ production team the flexibility to support a full range of user systems, including both Macs and PCs. The new solution has also helped improve collaboration and productivity, allowing multiple team members to work together. With easier access to video assets, the production team can tell better, more exciting stories that keep a growing number of fans engaged and loyal.