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Disk Backup Struggles to Protect Remote Offices

Disk Backup Struggles to Protect Remote Offices

One of the biggest challenges facing IT departments is how to provide corporate-quality backup and DR protection for remote locations.   Data sets located in smaller sites, whether specialized R&D centers or branch offices, often have valuable and irreplaceable data, but they usually don’t have dedicated IT staff or the kinds of resources needed to manage complex equipment.

Backing up to local disk can be part of the answer, but data sets need second location as well for real, compliant protection.  And most disk backup systems, even ones claiming data deduplication, fill up quickly, are expensive to buy and install, and use too much bandwidth to make replication a practical DR solution. 

DXi V-Series Harnesses VMware to Protect Small Offices and Remote Sites

The DXi V-Series is the first data protection solution to combine the convenience and economy of VMware with the power and performance of Quantum's variable-length data deduplication for better data reduction.  DX V-Series appliances are fully functional DXi deduplication disk backup systems, but they are installed in your systems as virtual machines—they do not require buying or installing any separate appliances at all. 

DXi V-Series models are available in sizes from 1 to 8 TB of usable capacity. The smallest model, the DXi V1000 is available as a free download--the larger DXi V2000 and DXi V4000 models scale easily, using capacity-on-demand growth.  DXi V-Series systems give fast, disk based backup and restore, and are completely compatible with leading backup software, including VM-centric applications.  For DR protection, the DXi V-Series provides secure, encrypted replication that can send data to any other virtual or physical DXi appliances or to the cloud.


DXi V-Series Harnesses VMware to Protect Small Offices and Remote Sites


DXi V4000 diagram

The DXi-V series is a DXi appliance – packaged, sold, and deployed as a virtual machine.  Users get all of the same capabilities and benefits as any DXi appliance, available in one of three virtual machines:

DXi V1000:  Scales to 1 TB.  Free download.  That’s right, free.  Download it here.
DXi V2000:  Scales from 2 to 8 TB.  Perfect for small, virtualized backup environments.
DXi V4000:  Scales from 4 to 24 TB.  It’s got more underneath the hood than the DXi V2000 and can scale to support larger virtualized backup environments.


100% Virtual 100% Software

Eliminates hardware requirements; reduces overall storage footprint; integrates easily with all leading backup software


High Performance and Simple Scalability

Up to 4.9 TB/hr ingest performance; protects up to 360 TB of data on any physical or virtual server


Foundation for Backup-as-a-Service

Powerful deduplication for both virtual and physical servers; reduces data by up to 90%, Disaster Recover and Cloud BaaS for any size organization

Technical Specifications


DXi V4000: Up to 5 TB/hr (DXi Accent™)
DXi V2000: Up to 2 TB/hr (DXi Accent)

Capacity (usable):

DXi V4000: 4 TB-24 TB
DXi V2000: 1 TB-8T B

Standard Software Included:

Deduplication, replication, encryption, DXi Accent, NAS (CIFS/NFS), OST Support

NAS Backup Target

Presentations: CIFS and/or NFS

Shares: 128 max

OpenStorage (OST) API

Presentations: Symantec Storage Servers and Logical Storage Units

Shares: 128 max.

DXi Accent software, a standard feature on all DXi V-Series models, allows the backup server to collaborate in the deduplication process, off-loading part of the data reduction activity so that only unique blocks are sent over the network to the DXi appliance. This distributed approach provides faster backups over bandwidth-constrained LANs or WANs. DXi Accent can be enabled or disabled on a per-media server basis. Initial support for DXi Accent is provided through the NetBackup OpenStorage (OST) API.

Replication compatible with all DXi-Series products, schedules and bandwidth use scheduler settings. Replication is asynchronous, one-to-one or multiple-to-one configurations; partitions in same unit act as replication source or target; units with partitions acting as replication targets can also support local backup; data is deduplicated and encrypted (AES 256-bit) prior to transmission; file-by-file replication provides automated access to data at the target; CLI support scripting/scheduling. Provides application-aware replication with NetBackup and Backup Exec OST interface.

DXi V4000

VMware ESXi 5.0, 5.1, or 5.5
Multi-core Intel processor (AMD not supported)
Eight virtual CPU cores required for execution
Minimum 4.5 TB of thinly provisioned disk capacity
48 GB of RAM allocated to the DXi V4000
0.5 TB (512 GB) of disk capacity in addition to licensed capacity (i.e., 24.5 TB for a 24 TB license)
The DXi V4000 will use less than 48 GB of RAM depending upon connections and capacity in use

DXi V2000

VMware ESXi 5.0 or 5.1
Minimum 1.5 TB of thinly provisioned disk capacity
8 GB of RAM allocated to the DXi V2000
Multi-core Intel processor (AMD not supported): Two virtual CPU cores required for execution
0.5 TB (512 GB) of disk capacity in addition to licensed capacity (i.e., 8.5 TB for a 8 TB license)

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