StorNext Shared Storage File System

Speed production and collaboration across your entire workflow to deliver compelling content faster.

StorNext accelerates A52’s post-production workflows.

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Maximum Productivity and Efficiency for Your End-to-End Workflows

With the demand for rich media content constantly growing, content producers need to work on fast-moving data as a team to unlock productivity and efficiency across their workflows.

StorNext is the leading collaborative, high-speed shared storage file system that increases workflow efficiency, enables collaboration across remote teams, and helps you organize, manage, and protect your valuable digital content.

StorNext easily scales performance and capacity for fast-paced television, film, and corporate marketing post-production workflows. It seamlessly integrates high-performance storage with archiving and retrieval on tape, object storage, or cloud in a single end-to-end, connected platform so you can meet the demand for more content, more efficiently.


Take Charge of Your Workflows With a Single, Connected Shared Storage Environment

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Collaborate at Speed

Multiple users can work on the same files and projects simultaneously for maximum productivity.

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Deploy with Flexibility and Precision

Choose the exact mix of performance, density, and economics needed for every workflow, then adapt and scale as needed.

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Gain Data Agility and Insight

Use powerful management tools to tier, sync, and move data across different storage types and locations, from on premises to the cloud and back.

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StorNext Helps Creative Teams to Collaborate and Deliver Content to Meet Growing Demand

Enabling Next-Generation Fan Experiences with Quantum Storage

“There are many storage and archive solutions out there, but I like the tight integration of Quantum and CatDV.”

Brian Plumb, VP, AV and Production, Sacramento Kings
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Complex Networks Leaps from Print to Digital with StorNext

Complex Networks Leaps from Print to Digital with StorNext

“StorNext has provided us with a reliable foundation to build out the appropriate technological infrastructure needed to support the growth of a global brand and media empire.”

Jermaine Harrell, Manager of Video IT Operations, Complex Networks
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International Automotive Parts Leader Revs Up Media Production with Xcellis and CatDV

“Now we can pull content from previous shoots and do it quickly using CatDV. Having an advanced storage architecture powered by StorNext has really allowed us to collaborate like never before, and it’s made our training videos the talk of the industry.”

Joe Micallef, Multimedia production manager, MPA
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Castilla–La Mancha Media Expands Its Public Archive with Quantum

“We updated the archive using Quantum solutions while maintaining the greatest security and without interrupting production workflows.”

Jesús Sanchez, Technical Director, Castilla-La Mancha Media
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End-to-End Content Creation and Preservation

StorNext delivers the fastest raw file ingest for quick collaboration and content creation. Completed content and data easily shifts to Quantum solutions for long-term archiving and data protection.

End-to-End Content Creation and Preservation

StorNext Appliance Offerings for Your Workloads

StorNext Appliance Xcellis Series H4000 Series F-Series QXS-Series
Appliance Type Dedicated appliance Converged shared storage appliance NVMe storage array HDD, SSD storage arrays
Recommended Use Highest file system performance, scalability, and flexibility Rapid deployment of a complete shared file system in a small footprint Fastest possible performance for ingest and playback, composing NVMe and HDD StorNext drive pools​ High-performance or high-density storage
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