Transform Healthcare Security with Intelligent Storage

Taking better care of people is the goal of all healthcare professionals, including the security professionals tasked with guarding acute care hospitals, ambulatory centers and long-term care facilities. Intelligent storage enables healthcare facilities to actively address all current and future security needs.

Featured Benefits

Quantum’s intelligent multi-tier storage solution solves the storage infrastructure problems of today’s healthcare organizations, providing the best video streaming performance in the industry for fast ingest and access.


Store More Content, Spend Less Money

Using a multi-tier storage approach, you can spend less of your budget on video storage so you can spend more on other tools in your healthcare workflow.


High Performance You Can Depend On

High-performance video storage is designed for video applications and is capable of handling petabytes of data that can grow incrementally over time as needs change.


Reliable and Secure Access to Data

Even when a file has been tiered to a different type of storage, your data still appears in the original file system location, saving your IT department time and money.


Scale with Your Storage Needs

As more cameras are added, video analytics are used to improve operations, and as retention times become longer, a multi-tier storage approach can scale to handle the need for more capacity.

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