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Accelerate drug discovery and medical research workflows with a storage infrastructure that provides the right combination of speed, scale, access and cost.

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Laboratory Discoveries are Made Every Day

The rapid advancement of laboratory technology over the past several years has placed enormous demands on the IT services scientists rely on to conduct their research. The result being lost data sets, quickly escalating storage costs, and the inability to collaborate with fellow colleagues. To accelerate discovery and maximize productivity of staff in such a data-driven research environment, life science organizations need scalable, intelligent data management throughout the entire life sciences workflow—from data capture and analysis, to archive and beyond.

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Quantum is committed to delivering intelligent data management for genomics, bioinformatics and medical imaging workflows—from data capture to analysis to archive and beyond. With storage infrastructure that provides the right combination of speed, scale, access and cost, we enable you to focus on what you do best—science.


Managing Massive Growth

As life science technologies continue to advance, organizations need to analyze larger amounts of data faster. High-speed storage that scales simply and affordably will keep data in the hands of clinicians and researchers to drive innovation.


Enabling Collaboration

Research doesn’t happen in a vacuum. To stay productive, distributed science teams need the performance and access to work on the same data at the same time from wherever they might be – whether it be across the hall or halfway around the world. Providing a global namespace across multiple tiers of storage enables the highest levels of accessibility for today’s ground-breaking researchers.


Creating Efficient Workflows

Life science workflows are demanding, especially because the value of the data across its entire lifecycle can be so variable. Creating a storage environment that reflects this changing value—from high-performance ingest and analysis to low-cost, accessible archive—is a critical element in having a cost-efficient data management solution. 


Keeping Data for Decades

With studies lasting decades or more, life sciences teams need to keep data on hand indefinitely while making it easy to access. And with the increasing need to comply with an ever more complicated regulatory environment, finding specific patient data has become increasingly important. Extended online storage at massive scale lets organizations preserve data for the long term, and intelligent indexing and metadata tagging lets researchers find what they need, quickly. 

Secrets to Accelerating Discovery with Storage

Life sciences workflows put a lot of strain on storage infrastructure. Distributed bioinformatics teams need high-speed access to NGS data while imaging scientists are doing complex analysis on PACS DICOM data. And all of it needs to be kept available for long-term study—often for decades.

Fortunately there is a different approach to storage that can accelerate discovery. Learn how tiered storage and object storage from Quantum can help scientists turn genomics, bioinformatics, and medical imaging data into knowledge.

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Storage Built for the Challenges of Genomics and Medical Imaging

Scientists care most about the “life” in “life sciences”—but they need the right infrastructure to manage growing libraries of genomics and medical imaging data. How can life sciences organizations get ahead of data growth and stay productive?

StorNext® tiered storage and Lattus object storage are ideal for NGS and medical imaging data, with the flexibility to start small and scale out as needed—supporting tens, hundreds, or thousands of users. StorNext and Lattus can support billions of files and fit seamlessly into life sciences workflows.

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