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Today’s scientists, engineers and analysts are building tomorrow’s future. Across all disciplines, the ability to collect more data and to derive insight from data is leading to breakthrough discoveries. With multi-tier storage, teams can better harness their data and transform the world. That’s the power of insight. 

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Solutions for HPC and Scientific Research

Genomics & Life Science

Accelerate drug discovery and medical research workflows with a storage infrastructure that provides the right combination of speed, scale, access and cost.

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Federal Government

Helping government agencies meet stringent compliance mandates.

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Capture, disseminate and preserve valuable satellite and intelligence data.

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Financial Security, Reinvented.

Protect critical financial information with unprecedented data encryption key management technology.

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Next-Generation Workflow, Today. Quantum StorNext keeps energy industry running.

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Accelerate Lustre HPC Environments

Reduce time to insight with blazing fast hybrid storage at extreme scale.

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Featured Benefits

Scientists and analysts today need intelligent data management throughout the entire research workflow, from ingest to HPC processing to archive. With multi-tier storage from Quantum, teams can better harness their data and transform the world. 


Managing Petascale Data Growth

Data growth is a fact of life, especially with scientific research: more sensors, more software, more files and bigger files. Today’s research teams need multi-tier storage solutions that scale...affordably. 


Enabling Collaborative Research

Research doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Whether your team has tens, hundreds, or thousands of users who need shared access to data, StorNext enables high-speed file sharing via both SAN and LAN, as well as cloud. 


Speeding Up Ingest and Analysis

Scientific workflows require speed—both speed for ingest and speed that supports complex analysis and HPC. The right kind of high-performance storage is needed to power today’s research workflows and derive insights from scientific data. 


Keeping Data for Decades

With research projects often extending decades or more, scientists need access to data for long periods of time. Multi-tier storage lets research institutions archive data with cost-effective tiering on flash, disk, object storage, tape and even cloud. 

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