Advancing ADAS Development with Massive Data and Machine Learning

The development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle technology generates a massive amount of data. Auto makers, OEMs, startups, and technology partners need to capture and analyze enormous amounts of unstructured data from test fleets equipped with LiDAR, radar, video, and other sensors.

The industry is at a crossroads. As the amount of data being captured is increasing, the need for capacity and speed is skyrocketing. Data complexity and the need to support hundreds of concurrent users is driving an urgent need for intelligent data management. The ADAS community is challenged to achieve capacity, speed, and intelligence in a manner that’s cost effective.

The following example illustrates the amount of data generated by test vehicles. A typical test fleet vehicle equipped with 3-4 cameras, 3-4 LiDAR sensors, and other sensors will create upwards of 10-20 TB per hour. With even a small test fleet of 10 vehicles, driving 8 hours per day can generate over an exabyte of data in 3-5 years.

Data generated by test vehicles

45 GB

of LiDAR data per hour

1.3 TB

of Camera data per hour

360 MB

of Radar data per hour

Quantum Solutions for ADAS and Mobility

Quantum helps developers of ADAS and autonomous technology capture and cost-effectively manage huge amounts of video and unstructured data with speed and efficiency across complex organizations and workflows.

Higher Performance, Greater Capacity at a Fraction of the Cost

Many developers of ADAS look to traditional networked-attached storage products or public cloud storage for their data needs. These solutions work when dealing with terabytes and petabytes of content, but when dealing with 10+ PBs, 100’s of PBs, and even exabytes of data, these solutions are not practical, technically sufficient, or economical. From a technical perspective, storing and protecting all this content on scale-out NAS can often cost well over $1,000 per TB to store both a primary and secondary copy.

Performance and Security at a 50 – 75% Savings Over Alternatives

With Quantum’s policy-based data management capabilities, content is stored on fast storage during the active period when data is being processed and analyzed, but a backup copy is stored, then archived, on lower-cost storage that can be less than $50 per TB at scale. Because a majority of the data being generated needs to be stored and protected indefinitely, and is seldomly accessed for additional simulations, most of the data can be stored at a lower cost. Many Quantum customers store 80 – 90% of their total data on this low-cost storage tier, enabling them to develop ADAS for a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions.

Quantum ADAS Solution Diagram

Featured Benefits


High-Performance Ingest and Analysis

Complete simulations faster and accelerate ADAS technology development with the ultra-fast parallel processing of StorNext File System.


Cost-Effective Data Storage

Preserve and protect PB-scale unstructured data at a fraction of the cost of competitive storage alternatives.


Integrated Data Protection

Achieve the performance and security of an on-premise infrastructure with capabilities to support hybrid cloud as needed.

Featured Products

Quantum R-Series

Quantum R-Series

Capture data quickly, inside a moving vehicle, without loss or corruption—and automatically ingest that data so you can innovate and develop safer vehicles.

StorNext File System

StorNext File System

StorNext®, our award-winning file system, is a combination of a high-speed file system and advanced data management software.

ActiveScale Object Storage

ActiveScale™ Object Storage

See how ActiveScale is helping data-driven enterprises manage, scale, and protect their most valuable data.

Scalar Tape Storage

Scalar® Tape Storage

The lowest-cost storage for long-term retention and archiving, and to provide an ‘offline’ copy of data to protect against hackers.

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