Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous vehicles are driven by data intelligence, both figuratively and literally. Watch this video to learn how Quantum provides a complete end-to-end solution for autonomous vehicle development workflows. 

Quantum Mobile Storage for Autonomous Vehicle Development, the most comprehensive solution for in-vehicle sensor data capture and recording for test, development, security, analysis and intelligence.

Manage Data Growth – Improve Productivity

More than ever, the growing volume of data produced by new cars, and during the development of new innovations such as ADAS and autonomous vehicles, is driving automotive companies to improve the management of their data. Quantum’s storage and data management solutions for the automotive industry enable companies to better manage their data assets, improving development team productivity while reducing overall storage and data management costs.


Featured Benefits

Advances in the development of autonomous vehicles are happening at a blistering pace. Vehicle manufacturers are racing towards the fully autonomous vehicle of tomorrow, and deploying the enabling technologies, as they’re proven out, in vehicles today. Quantum’s storage and data management solutions enable manufacturers to better manage their data assets, improving development team productivity while reducing overall storage and data management costs.


Performance Where It’s Needed

Ingest and access large pools of machine and sensor data fast with the StorNext high-performance parallel file system, and run demanding analytics or other applications on high-performance front-end storage while keeping overall costs down.


User-Friendly Data Access, IT-Friendly Deployment

Provide users with a single point of access for all their files regardless of where the data resides-flash, disk, object, tape or cloud. For improved productivity, share simultaneous access to files across multiple network protocols, including LAN and SAN, and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX).


Lowest Cost Storage Solution

Integrate low-cost storage—such as tape, object storage disk or cloud—with high-performance storage like SSD and disk. Reduce backup software costs by leveraging StorNext policy-based data protection.


Seamlessly Scale to Petabytes

As storage demand grows—with more sensors, more software, new projects, new models and new cameras—capacity storage offers virtually unlimited scalability. StorNext can accommodate billions of files across a wide range of storage tiers, enabling seamless, cost-optimized capacity scaling.

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