Smart Archiving Solutions for Research Data

Providing research organizations visibility into their data with an instantly searchable, highly resilient, easy-to-manage archive.

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Addressing Massive Data Growth Challenges in Life Sciences

Advances in genomics sequencing, microscopy, and bioinformatics have made it possible to leverage massive data sets to develop vaccines, find cures, and make new discoveries. But the massive amounts of unstructured data being generated creates challenges for research organizations, including a lack of visibility into data, inadequate storage capacity, escalating storage costs, and the inability to collaborate across research teams.

ATFS + ActiveScale = Smart Archive

Research data serves as the basis for current and future analysis that needs to be processed and stored, sometimes indefinitely. For multi-petabyte research archives to be truly useful, an ‘active archive’ needs to be ‘smart’ with the ability to find needed data quickly, move data to and from the archive intelligently, and integrate with external tools in order to be a data pipeline resource.

To address these challenges, Quantum offers a new class of ‘smart’ archive for research data used in life sciences. The combination of Quantum’s ATFS NAS Platform with ActiveScale™ Object Storage provides research departments visibility into their data with a highly durable, highly scalable, easy-to-manage archive.

ATFS + ActiveScale = Smart Archive

Featured Benefits

Accelerate the Research Pipeline

Enables administrators to place data based on research needs, optimizing performance for those who need it, and optimizing costs where required.

Protect Valuable Research Data on an “Always On” Platform

ActiveScale is used by some of the world’s largest research institutions as a repository to protect their valuable research data. When combined with ATFS, it offers a uniquely searchable smart archive.

Addresses Scale, Capacity, and Long-Term Storage Requirements

Addresses the massive volume and capacity requirements associated with storing and retaining large-scale imagery used in life sciences - for years, decades, and longer.

Stop Spending Money on Unnecessary Storage

Gives research organizations new levels of visibility into the files they are managing and storing, so administrators can identify unnecessary or duplicate data and take action.

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