Engineered for Large, Data-Intensive Workloads

Quantum Scale-out storage enables high-speed shared access to your critical data. Powered by StorNext, it includes an Xcellis Workflow Director for system management and client connectivity, and RAID storage for data. This combination of software, compute, and storage is engineered to solve the world’s biggest storage challenges—and enables you to focus on your business rather than the storage. So you can do what you do best.

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It’s a critical requirement to stay competitive and meet demanding schedules. Which is why Quantum’s scale-out storage, combined with StorNext data management software, delivers extreme performance and flexible shared access—making it the ideal choice for large, data-intensive workloads.


Cost-effective Scaling of Performance and Capacity

Explosive growth in file sizes and quantities is now the norm. Organizations need storage that scales easily and continuously, without costly forklift upgrades. Quantum’s scale-out solutions can be sized to precisely fit current requirements and scaled to meet future demands simply by adding storage arrays. Capacity and performance can grow independently, and no additional accelerators or controllers are needed to reach petabyte scale.


Low-latency, Massively Scalable Lattus Extended Online Object Storage

Xcellis Foundation is a turnkey solution with the features, performance, and scalability of an enterprise-grade system, sized and priced for smaller workgroups and organizations. Integrated storage tiering efficiently moves less-frequently used data to the cloud or other archive tiers to drive down the cost of long-term storage and preserve valuable free space in Xcellis Foundation.


On-Demand Access to Cloud Storage for Increased Flexibility, Protection, and Availability

FlexTier provides access to a virtually limitless pool of off-premise storage through StorNext advanced data management software. Just set your policies based on your business requirements and StorNext automatically copies or moves data to highly reliable, always-available cloud storage—with no scripts, programming, or manual processes. Use it for enhanced data protection, on-the-fly scalability, or to offload content from primary storage. The choice is yours.


Best-in-Class Tape Archive Provides Data Integrity for Long-Term Preservation

StorNext® tape archives provide best-in-class data integrity for long-term data preservation at the lowest possible cost. Integrated with StorNext’s intelligent policy-based tiering. Provides transparent file system access to all data tiered to tape.

For High-Performance Media Workflows

4K White Paper

Quantum has performed exhaustive 4K performance testing based on over 500 combinations of disk formats, array configurations, client operating systems, and other variables—all conducted under rigorous, real-world conditions—to help our clients get the most out of their StorNext environments.



Scale-out Storage Solutions

Media & Entertainment

Whether you’re in post-production, broadcast or corporate video—StorNext enables high-performance capture, collaboration, processing, and preservation of data. And while each workflow is different, some things remain the same: the data is invaluable, the data is growing, the data cannot be recreated, and the data must be preserved—so it can be repurposed in ways that can’t be imagined today. 

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Life Sciences

Dramatic declines in the cost and run times for genome sequencing are enabling life sciences researchers to do more, faster. But these advances come with a cost—data growth that quickly outpaces existing storage infrastructure. To accelerate discovery, scientists need intelligent data management throughout the entire life sciences workflow—from data capture to analysis to archive and beyond.

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Increases in the resolution of video, rapid advances in sensor technologies, the democratization of satellite imagery with small sats, and innovations in data fusion—all add up to opportunity. But these technology advances have introduced storage challenges as organizations struggle to keep pace with the massive influx of imagery.

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