ActiveScale Object Storage

Build data lakes, private and hybrid clouds to accelerate data insights.

Secure, Scalable S3 Object Storage for Analyzing, Managing, and Retaining Massive Data Sets

With AI pipelines and other data-intensive workflows topping the list of business initiatives, organizations need a simple solution to consolidate and manage massive amounts of data coming from multiple sources in an array of formats and access requirements. Overcoming the data silos of the past requires cost-effective scalability that meets sustainability goals and budgetary requirements.

Quantum ActiveScale, the only object storage solution architected for both active and cold data, is a simple, reliable object storage platform built for high-performance access, storage efficiency, and the long-term durability of massive data sets. With built-in policy-based lifecycle management, ActiveScale helps you build, scale, and manage massive data lakes for training AI models on your unique data for differentiating advantage and S3-compatible private and hybrid storage clouds for flexibility, predictable costs, and data security.


Reduce Cost of Storing and Protecting Your Active and Cold Data

ActiveScale enables you to build private or hybrid clouds at dramatically lower costs and to easily access your active and cold data for AI, analytics, and business insights.

Optimized across multiple storage classes in a single namespace, ActiveScale is built to meet the challenges of exabyte-scale data management with outstanding price/performance. Flexibly expand high-performance disk and tape tiers independently to meet performance and cost objectives. Build data lakes at dramatically lower costs and overhead than public storage clouds and traditional object storage architectures.


Extract More Value From Your Data

Fuel AI pipelines and build private or hybrid storage clouds with best-in-class performance at any scale, from terabytes to exabytes, for new insights discoveries, and innovations.

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Consolidate and Retain More Data at Lower Cost

Reduce costs by up to 80% with seamless growth of multiple storage classes configurable across flash, disk, and cold storage technologies.

Cold Data Storage Features


Easily Manage and Access Vast Amounts of Data

Fast ingest, high-performance processing, and secure data access across all storage classes for easy analysis, AI data lakes, cloud repatriation, compliance, and archiving.

ActiveScale’s Architecture

Learn How Organizations Retain, Manage, Protect, and Extract Value from their Data with ActiveScale


Storing, Protecting, and Providing Access to Petabytes of Genomic Data

“We love the simplicity, ease of use, and architecture of the ActiveScale systems. These systems are truly designed to scale seamlessly to exabyte-scale deployments of on-premises and hybrid data storage solutions.”

David Ardley Head of Technical Delivery, Genomics England
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XENON Adopts Quantum Myriad to Support AI and Data-Intensive Workloads

"For our customers, Quantum Myriad will provide a key piece of the storage puzzle. They can gain the high-performance, low-latency storage they need for AI, life sciences, and HPC workloads as part of a holistic, end-to-end Quantum storage platform."

Jon Tinberg, Marketing Manager, XENON Systems
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Amidata Launches New Cloud-Based Storage Service with Quantum ActiveScale

"We needed a simple, scalable storage infrastructure that could last well into the future. The Quantum team showed us the ActiveScale Object Storage solution, and it ticked all the boxes."

Michael Whelan, Managing Director, Amidata
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MR Datentechnik Launches New Storage Service with Quantum ActiveScale

“Quantum ActiveScale provides the reliable, highly scalable S3-compatible object storage we needed for building our new storage service.”

Jochen Kraus, Managing Director, MR Datentechnik
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Tier Data to Activescale for Long-term Retention, Data Lakes, and Analysis From Other Quantum Data Management Solutions

ActiveScale serves as the foundational storage environment across a wide variety of use cases as part of Quantum’s end-to-end data management solutions for the entire AI pipeline and unstructured data lifecycle.

Affordable, Durable, Scalable Access Across Multiple Storage Classes CatDV Media Asset Management StorNext File System Myriad All-Flash File and Object Storage Unified Surveillance Platform DXi Backup Appliances Scalar Tape Storage

ActiveScale Appliances

Available in multiple form factors and options, including all-flash for fastest access and hard disk drives for best price/performance, ActiveScale appliances seamlessly expand to provide fast, simple, and reliable S3-compatible storage for data lakes, demanding data pipelines, and for building private and hybrid clouds. Subscription models are also available for pay-as-you-go flexibility.

Specifications P100E3 P200 X200 Z200
Active Storage* min: 504 TB 648 TB 1080 TB 460.8 TB
Active Storage max: 1,008 TB
2 modules
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Active Storage Media: HDD HDD HDD NVMe SSD
Max Object counts for min/max configs: 235 M / 470 M 1.25 B / Unlimited 5 B / Unlimited 50 Billion / Unlimited
Cold Storage (optional) min/ max: 1 PB / Unlimited
*Minimum Active Storage Class software license is 100 TB.

For complete spec information, see the datasheet.

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