In-Vehicle Storage Quantum R-Series

Capture data quickly, inside a moving vehicle, without loss or corruption - and automatically ingest that data so you can innovate and develop safer vehicles.

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In-Vehicle Data Capture

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Development Generate Tens of TBs an Hour

Capturing data in a mobile vehicle can be a challenge--from self-driving cars, military drones, armored vehicles, and even inside a studio truck capturing footage on-set during production.

Studies show that ADAS and autonomous vehicle development can generate up to 20 TBs an hour. So not only are vast amounts of video and video-like data–-hi-res images, LIDAR sensor data, and data propagated by machines–-being generated, but capturing, processing, analyzing and working with structured and unstructured data requires a shared storage system.

That’s where the Quantum R-Series comes in.

High-Speed Data Capture on Any Terrain

Quantum’s R-Series product was designed for high-speed data capture in a moving vehicle. It’s designed for tough environments. From military vehicles on rough terrain, to research vehicles on potholes. It can take a beating.

And because the storage is easily removable, you can quickly upload data captured ‘in the field’ to a Quantum StorNext shared storage environment and start work on that data.

R-series was specifically designed for autonomous vehicle development – but the demands of that use case make it suited for use in any application capturing a lot of data, in a rugged environment.

Quantum R-Series Installed in Vehicle



The R3000 chassis is approximately 9” wide, 5” tall, and 21” long. It has a small form factor perfectly suited for the trunk of a self-driving car, a military vehicle, or a studio truck. The R3000 magazines are available in the following capacities and storage technologies: 60 TB HDD magazine, 23 TB SSD magazine, 46 TB SSD magazine.R-Series Chassis and Removable Drive


Reliable, High-Speed Data Capture

The R-series magazine and chassis are designed to withstand the rigors of in-vehicle conditions, with a ruggedized hardware design and built-in data protection software.


Highly Available and Reliable Architecture

Both software and hardware are purpose-built for high availability and reliability.


Quickly Upload Data with Removable Magazine

The removable magazine makes it easy for a technician to upload 10’s of TBs of raw data to a Quantum shared storage system at the end of the day.


Integrated with Quantum Shared Storage

Once the magazine is plugged into the docking station, data is automatically copied into a Quantum shared storage system, so that users (scientists, editors, analysts) can work with the data.

Technical Specifications

Inch: 9 x 5.25 x 21 CM: 23 x 13 x 53

Small footprint increases room for other components.

2.5” or 3.5” HDD and SSD


Flexibility to balance performance, capacity and cost.

Up to 6 drives per magazine

Swap magazines to extend test capacity; transfer data to upload station, minimizing car downtime and engineering access to the newest test data,

60 TB (HDD); up to 46 TB (SSD) - per magazine

Capacity for multiple days of testing (most vehicles) with extra magazines available if more capacity is needed.

RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10

Configurable to meet specific needs; RAID 5 or 6 recommended for most deployments.

2x 10 GbE RJ45

Enables recording for many hi-res devices and high-performance data center ingest.

1x USB, 1x HDMI, 1x 1 GbE

1 GbE for device management.

Up to 1.6 GB/sec (SSD); up to 400 MB/sec (HDD)

SSD performance is at the 2x 10 GbE line speed, supporting high performance needs; HDD provides lower cost for lower performance needs.

12VDC or 120VAC–240VAC

12VDC for higher efficiency and ease of integration to car; 120VAC–240VAC for garage station.

Max 320 W; Operational 225 W

Lower power enables more cameras, sensors and electronics to run without draining the battery.


For ease of integration.

Ubuntu, with NAS stack preloaded

Efficient, reliable operation.

Optional ruggedized case for magazine storage and transfer

Protect and secure data during storage and transfer to/from garage upload station.

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