Quantum VS-HCI Series

The Quantum VS-HCI series provides hyperconverged infrastructure for surveillance recording, video management, and building operations. The highly-available architecture scales out as camera counts increase and makes it easy to manage operations by running your entire infrastructure on a single box.

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Security, Loss Prevention, and Smarter Cities Drive the Need for New Architectures

Surveillance and security are more vital than ever, for airports and other critical infrastructure, stadiums, malls, retail and restaurants, and facilities and buildings across the world.  And surveillance infrastructure requirements are becoming more expensive and complex, with more cameras, higher camera resolution, and increased retention times driven by analytics and AI.

Buildings are getting smarter too – with smart lighting, HVAC, access control, and other systems and applications that are intersecting with surveillance and security to drive the need for a new architecture and approach.

VS-Series Overview

Introducing the Quantum VS-HCI Series

Quantum Surveillance and IIoT Solutions

The VS-HCI Series is:

  • Efficient: With the highest camera density, and a software architecture that enables users to run their entire security infrastructure on a single hyperconverged platform.
  • Flexible: The VS-HCI Series is a software-defined platform which offers the broadest range of deployment options. Many appliances can scale out (for more cameras), or scale up (for increased retention).
  • Easy to Deploy, Operate and Maintain: The VS-HCI Series comes pre-installed with certified VMS applications, and can be installed and configured in minutes. And it is backed by the world-class service and support of Quantum and our integrator partners.
  • Highly Available: The VS-HCI Series software can tolerate and work around hardware and software issues and is designed to eliminate downtime.
  • Cloud-Connected: Quantum’s VS-HCI series can be remotely and securely monitored from anywhere using the Quantum Cloud-Based Analytics software.
  • Backed by Quantum World-Class Service and Support: The Quantum VS-HCI Series is backed by Quantum’s global support organization, providing world-class pre- and post-sale services to tens of thousands of customers around the world 24x7x365.

Reduced Capital Expense

The VS-HCI Series has the best camera density, is purpose-built for video and IoT data sets, and enables our security and facilities managers to run an entire security infrastructure on a single platform. All of this translates to reduced capital expense.


Reduced Operational Expense

Because the VS-HCI Series is easy to deploy, operate, and maintain, security professionals can manage larger camera environments with less time and expense.


Reduced Business Risk

With the VS-HCI Series, we’ve pre-configured and pre-optimized the compute and storage for use with VMS applications. The reduced technical and operational complexity means security professionals can focus on their job – security and loss prevention. And the resilient architecture translates to reduced data loss and downtime, data availability for longer durations, and ultimately a highly available surveillance platform.


Improved Security

The resilient architecture of the VS-HCI Series translates to reduced data loss and downtime, data availability for longer durations, and ultimately a highly available surveillance platform.

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