Leading Children’s Hospital Uses Quantum VS-HCI Series to Improve Patient Safety & Hospital Operations

Seattle Children’s is committed to the safety and security of its patients, families, and staff. Over the course of its history, the hospital has leveraged a wide array of tools and processes to ensure the highest levels of protection, which led the organization to seek solutions that could replace its network of outdated NVRs to enhance resiliency across its IT infrastructure.

“Our IT organization strives for always-on reliability, so when we started to see single-point-of-failure recording issues we knew that wasn’t an option in a modern healthcare environment,” said Dylan Hayes, Manager, IT Security and Physical Security Technology, Seattle Children’s. “When a DVR component failed, we would lose all video from that DVR. Since incoming video data is crucial to daily business operations, patient care, and security and safety, loss of video meant increased risk, reduced safety, and decreased operations. We had to make a change.”

Quantum VS-HCI has helped Seattle Children’s consolidate servers and storage into one enterprise-class solution that is easily managed from a single user interface. Seattle Children’s is able to host and manage its Milestone XProtect video management system -- which is tied to more than 1,000 cameras across the organization on the VS-HCI system — and can add additional workloads as the hospital’s needs expand.

Quantum significantly improved the integrity of Children’s security program by mitigating unnecessary exposure to risk. Once the security team had highly reliable video retention, it became a trusted source of information to the business. This opened the door to expanding the value of video from enterprise security operations to supporting other service departments and business initiatives, Hayes said.

“We are planning for the future of our infrastructure,” he continued. “We want to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency while having the power to gather more information to enable more proactive security operations. Our primary goal is and will continue to be providing the highest levels of safety, service and experience to our patients, visitors, and staff. Quantum’s VS-HCI technology allows us to meet our goals today and tomorrow.”