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Classify and visualize data for real-time insights, then leverage insights to optimize storage resource allocation and utilization and place data when and where it is required by the application.

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Optimize Storage Resources Based On and For the Benefit of Data

Quantum ATFS, a network-attached storage platform, addresses the most pressing challenges organizations face in managing storage and data. ATFS improves operational efficiency and increases resources’ productivity.

Leverage data classification, metadata, and business-oriented tags to streamline storage consumption. Just in time data placement reduces the demand on performance tier capacity, thus reducing the system's overall cost without sacrificing performance. Integrate with workflow managers such as MAM or SLURM to manage data placement on NVMe, bulk, or cloud.

Optimize Storage Resources Based On and For the Benefit of Data
Achieve Operational Efficiency by leveraging Insights to Drive Automation

Achieve Operational Efficiency by Leveraging Insights to Drive Automation

ATFS facilitates a symbiotic relationship between data and storage; data insights inform policy and automation engines, delivering higher levels of productivity per storage resource deployed whether on-premise or in the cloud.

All data ingested into the ATFS system via NFS or SMB is tagged and classified. Users may visualize data in virtual file system views for collaboration across users and organizations without creating duplicate copies nor loosening data security. Purposeful data placement is how ATFS delivers data to applications when and where the workflow needs it.

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Featured Benefits

Future Proof Architecture

ATFS doesn’t discriminate; attention to variability across media types was considered during development to ensure any new media formats may be integrated into the support matrix with little effort. Users can be confident that as innovative media comes to market, ATFS will be ready to leverage it in a timely manner.

Purposeful Data Placement

Applications require data to be available when in need. Any delay impacts productivity. ATFS leverages data insights to place data where the application needs it just in time. This automated process improves the utilization of resources and productivity of the application.

Application and Workload Integration

ATFS is a modern platform that has an extensive STK and a set of APIs to help the application more closely align with storage services delivery. It is now possible to have the application, through data tags and APIs, tell ATFS what data needs to be where and when.

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