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Quantum ATFS is a NAS platform with unique, real-time data-tagging capabilities that gives you instant visibility into your data. Automated classification enables you to find your data faster, and simple queries give you deep insights into the makeup of your data. Use insights to optimize your workflows, enforced by data placement policies, protection policies, and storage quotas.

Download a full version of ATFS to experience its powerful capabilities using your own data. Set up tagging rules and policies, ingest your data into the system, and see the powerful results of automated data classification in its easy-to-use GUI.  

Submissions must include:

  • Full Company name, do not use abbreviations or acronyms.
  • Please use business address of the servers physical location where the software will be downloaded.
  • Company email address. Use of a personal email address will not be accepted.

Trial Software and System Requirements:

  • This trial is not for use in production environments but includes licensing for up to 1 TB storage (raw, may be slightly larger if not including the storage required for metadata and I/O).
  • The ATFS VM zip file that contains the ATFS OVF and supporting files.
    • Approximate size of the zip file is 1.2 GB.
  • VMware/vSphere ESX 6.5 (or later).
  • Minimum 500 GB of storage space.
    • Recommended 200 GB flash and 300 GB spinning.
    • Recommended disk provisioning format is Thick Provision.
  • Eight virtual cores.
  • 32 GB RAM available for virtual machine.
  • Two IP addresses for the virtual machine to use.
  • Does NOT include support.
  • Does NOT include API SDK.