Watch the DXi6800 ESG Lab Validation Video

ESG Lab Validation Report:Delivering Performance, Scale, and Security for Backup & Disaster Recovery

by Tony Palmer, Senior ESG Lab Analyst

    up to 16.3TB/hour
    up to 156TB

- Pay-as-you-Grow Scalability
- Broad Capacity Range
- Increased Performance
- Comprehensive Data Security
- Improved Data Availability


ESG Lab Validation Highlights

ESG Lab performed hands-on evaluation and testing of the Quantum DXi6800 in Quantum's Englewood, Colorado lab facilities. The following is a summary of the results:

  • Enterprise Performance

    ESG Lab validated that Quantum's DXi6802 was able to sustain the same 11.9TB per hour of multithreaded enterprise backup throughput in not only a fully configured system but with an entry level configuration. A single Quantum DXi6802 disk backup system could be used to protect more than 112TB of data in an eight-hour shift (depending on the media server and storage configuration) and restore individual files in a matter of seconds. This means that Quantum meets and exceeds the protection requirements of the largest enterprises.

  • Rich Monitoring and Reporting

    Quantum Vision provided enhanced monitoring and reporting on capacity utilization, deduplication savings, and backup and replication performance over time. Vision is now available for iOS and Android devices. Get a 30 day trial and learn more about Vision.

  • Availability and Performance

    ESG Lab found that the DXi architecture enhanced performance and availability by leveraging multiple complementary technologies. The StorNext file system's intelligent metadata management, storage optimized for balanced performance, data integrity checking, and Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) technology all work together to improve availability and performance at the same time.

  • Security and ENCRYPTION

    The DXi6800 supports data in-flight and at-rest encryption and secure file shred to meet the most stringent data security requirements. Quantum uses hardware-based encryption to eliminate performance impact.

  • Simple, Affordable Scalability

    With "pay as you grow" scalability, capacity can be added with a simple license key reducing complexity of capacity and performance planning.

  • ISV Integration

    The DXi6800 integrates with Symantec NetBackup AIR (Auto Image Replication), which can reduce the time needed to return to business in the event of a disaster and improve restore service level agreements by tightening recovery time objectives (RTOs).

  • Cloud Ready

    The DXi6800 works seamlessly with Quantum Q-cloud to enable organizations to leverage a cloud-based data protection and DR service that uses Quantum encrypted, deduplicated replication to optimize offsite protection and recovery for as little as $.01 per GB per month. Learn more about Q-Cloud.

  • Native VM Protection

    ESG Lab used Quantum vmPRO software to seamlessly protect heterogeneous virtual machines in branch and remote offices, to back up and restore files in their native format, and replicate their backups to a DXi6802 in a central data center.

With the DXi6802, Quantum has once again produced an impressive solution to protect data in physical, virtual and cloud environments. Quantum's DXi6800 Series offers a wide variety of capacity configurations with performance to satisfy the most stringent SLAs, reducing the need for performance tuning or planning. Comprehensive infrastructure management and analytics provided by Quantum tie the global environment together into a single, manageable entity. Simple integration with leading ISVs, virtual machine backup and the cloud provide continuous flexibility. In sum, Quantum has set another standard for flexible, robust, and high-performance data protection.

Backup and Recovery are Still
Near the Top of the List

of IT priorities for many organizations, right behind information security. As virtual environments grow and enterprises struggle with growing data sets, the need to provide flexible, robust, and high performance data protection becomes ever more urgent.

ESG Lab has validated that Quantum's DXi6800 is not only Quantum's highest performing disk backup and deduplication solution but achieves this feat in both entry-level and fully-provisioned configurations The combination of inline data deduplication, enterprise-class performance, pay-as-you-grow scalability, encryption for data in-flight and at-rest, and comprehensive storage management software and services—including an extremely competitive cloud-based offering that integrates seamlessly—provides a unique approach for optimizing data protection and recovery in today's distributed enterprise.

Quantum's holistic approach to data protection offers a variety of technologies that enable customers to retain more data for fast and reliable restores and longer retention periods while minimizing impact on backups, and its tiered architecture, combining both disk and tape technologies, ensures data resides on storage matched to its value to the business.