Efficiently Record and Store Surveillance Footage While Running an Entire Security Infrastructure on a Single Software-Defined Platform.

Surveillance and security operations continue to get more complex, with more cameras, higher-resolution cameras, and increasing data retention requirements.  As buildings become smarter, everything from access control systems to lighting and HVAC systems are now connected – part of the “Internet of Things.”  And of course, security and loss prevention are more critical than ever.

All of these factors drive the need for more compute, more storage, and it puts pressure on traditional infrastructures.

Quantum's solutions for surveillance and industrial IoT are based on our 20+ years of expertise working with video content, and our 30+ years of expertise in storing and protecting data. We’ve built a suite of products designed to address the current and future needs of our customers, including:

Quantum VS-Series: An efficient, flexible platform designed for surveillance and industrial IoT applications.

Quantum R-Series: Ruggedized, removable storage for in-vehicle data capture and military application


Each VS-Series product combines purpose-built server hardware with the Quantum Cloud Storage Platform, a software-defined storage and compute platform that is at the core of the VS-Series.

Quantum Cloud Storage
The Quantum Cloud Storage Platform provides an efficient, cloud-like architecture that can handle the streaming performance required from ten cameras to tens of thousands of cameras.  In addition, the architecture is able to run the VMS management server, video recording servers, and other applications for building operations and security infrastructure.

The Quantum Cloud Storage Platform is:

  • Software-defined: Run on bare metal, in a VM, or in the cloud. No hardware dependence.
  • Highly available: With capabilities that include active/active clustering, failover, and different forms of data protection.
  • Tuned for low latency and fast streaming performance: Because the Quantum Cloud Storage Platform was built for video and video-like data, we’ve stripped out the data services that don’t apply to video, making the architecture more efficient and maximizing streaming performance to the storage.

Scale Out as Camera Counts Increase, or Scale Up for Increased Retention

The VS-Series architecture provides for the most flexibility when it comes to deployment options, as well as scaling. Systems can scale out as camera counts increase, or scale up with JBODs for increased retention.

Scale out Scale Up

Easy to Deploy, Operate and Maintain

The VS-Series can be installed and configured in minutes, and Quantum pre-loads and pre-configures both the VS-Series software, as well as certified VMS applications, so the user can plug it in, assign an IP address, and move right to setting up their video management environment directly from the VMS application user interface.

Easy to Deploy, Operate and Maintain

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