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The transformation in surveillance and security is accelerating. Facilities need new tools to cope with the influx of video and data coming from higher resolution cameras and a multitude of sensors, all while retaining it for longer periods of time. Quantum's intelligent storage platform allows you to meet these performance challenges while providing the capacity needed much more cost effectively than appliance or generic IT solutions. StorNext-enabled solutions don't make you change the way you work to manage your data, you control it all from within your preferred VMS or analytics application. Whether for on-site, cloud, or a combination, Quantum provides the industry's most advanced platform supporting surveillance, surveillance-as-a-service, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, making facilities not only safe, but smart, too.

Quantum is the Foundation of Security & Surveillance Infrastructures

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Addressing New Surveillance Challenges

As the use of video surveillance cameras grows, so does the demand for higher image quality and longer retention times. This webinar looks at how cameras, video management software (VMS), and storage systems can interact to meet the rising demands of modern video surveillance systems.

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Storage Solutions For Any Video Surveillance Infrastructure

The ability to match the right storage technology to the right data at the right time provides powerful benefits in the face of today’s massive explosion of video. From 10’s to 10’s of thousands of cameras, it’s critical to have a reliable storage solution that balances access, cost, and performance—all in one. View our portfolio of products built for the challenges of today’s video surveillance environments.

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Intelligent Storage: The Foundation of the New Surveillance & Security Infrastructure

Surveillance & security is transforming and requires a new infrastructure to support it. Storage is no longer peripheral; it is the foundation. Read more in our Video Surveillance Brochure.

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