Quantum’s Award-winning File System

Quantum’s award-winning StorNext® platform includes advanced data management features and includes flash, disk, tape, and cloud storage offerings. With this unique combination of performance and management, Quantum continues to extend the power of StorNext in not only media and entertainment but also other highly data-intensive environments such as genomics, academic research, video surveillance, oil and gas, and government security.

Featured Benefits

StorNext 6 addresses the needs of companies grappling with using their existing NAS solutions to store large, rapidly growing data sets and drive business value from that data. These enterprises are quickly realizing that traditional NAS is too difficult to upgrade, cannot deliver sufficient performance and is unable to handle parallel workloads. StorNext 6 not only overcomes these limitations but also provides more efficient and cost-effective ways to share and access files across geographically distributed teams, manage and protect archived data, and audit changes to data throughout its lifecycle. 


Multi-site File Replication with FlexSync

FlexSync™ is a powerful new capability in StorNext 6 that provides a fast, flexible and simple way to synchronize data between multiple StorNext systems in a highly manageable and automated fashion. FlexSync supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one file replication scenarios, and can be configured to operate at almost any level: specific files, specific folders or entire file systems.


File Copy Expiration and Auditing

StorNext 6 adds a new copy expiration feature, enabling automated removal of file copies from more expensive storage tiers, thereby freeing up space and increasing the overall return on investment. StorNext 6 also can now efficiently track changes in files across the data lifecycle and provide reports on who changed a file, when the changes were made, what was changed and whether and to where a file was moved.


Comprehensive SAN and NAS Accessibility

With the ability to provide cross-protocol locking for shared access across SAN, NFS and SMB, StorNext is an optimal platform for organizations that have collaborative workflows and need to share content across both Fibre Channel and Ethernet.


Cloud-based Health Monitoring

StorNext system management tools now enable Quantum’s support team to proactively monitor critical customer environmental factors, speed time to resolution, and ultimately increase uptime.


  • StorNext Advanced Data Management StorNext advanced data management software manages file sharing in StorNext scale-out storage environments for files stored on primary disk, extended online storage, tape and cloud. StorNext meets the most demanding performance requirements, enables customers to scale to hundreds of petabytes, and integrates easily into collaborative workflows.
  • Primary Storage StorNext primary storage enables high-speed shared access to your critical data. Powered by StorNext advanced data management software, it includes Xcellis® Workflow Director metadata appliance with a dedicated QXS™ metadata array, and RAID storage for data.
  • Object Storage Object storage technology is durable online storage that scales to hundreds of petabytes—more economical than primary storage, with better performance than tape. As a policy-driven tier in StorNext, object storage enables you to extend primary storage with scalable and more cost-effective online storage.
  • Tape Archives When attached to StorNext primary storage and powered by StorNext advanced data management software, tape archives provide a tier of massively scalable storage. StorNext tape archives enable you to preserve data for the long term without the cost, space, power consumption and management of primary disk.
  • Cloud Storage Quantum FlexTier™ is storage freedom for businesses that struggle to balance capacity, costs and growth that come with managing content in rapidly changing environments. StorNext users have easy access to cost-effective, on-demand cloud storage for increased flexibility, data protection and availability. FlexTier is integrated with StorNext so there is no additional hardware or software, separate applications or programming.

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