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Improve safety and security with software-based intelligence.

Never lose critical video data or drop frames with USP.

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Eliminate Downtime, Lower Costs, and Reduce Complexity

Video surveillance infrastructure is crucial to ensuring the safety and security of people, places, and business operations. Compared to traditional NVRs, the Unified Surveillance Platform (USP) software combines the compute and storage resources of multiple servers into one resilient, high-performance, cost-effective, and flexible software-defined system to record and store your video and other physical security data. Critical video data is no longer stranded on any single NVR so you won’t lose access to recorded video if hardware fails.

When deployed in tandem with Quantum’s end-to-end solutions for video surveillance including long-term archiving and ransomware protection, organizations can rest assured that their video surveillance and other physical security data are always accessible and the people and places they protect are safe and secure.


Ensuring Safety and Security with a Modern Approach

USP is intelligent software that creates what is referred to as hyperconverged infrastructure—a unified server, storage, and networking system—to deliver a simpler, more flexible, and cost-effective way to deploy video recording and storage. Quantum takes it a step further by optimizing this hyperconverged infrastructure specifically for the unique requirements of video surveillance.


Deliver Always-On, Always-Available Video

Ensure no security lapses with advanced system-wide resilience which achieves 99.9999% uptime, even if hardware fails.

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Lower Costs with Less Hardware

Consolidate racks of NVRs and other servers onto a single platform that reduces your data center footprint up to 80%. Run multiple physical security applications—like analytics or access control—on one system.

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Deploy with Ultimate Flexibility

Purchase USP as software only or as a turnkey appliance. Supports all major VMS options.

VS-HCI Series

A Flexible Unified Server and Storage Platform

USP software creates a unified server, storage, and networking system designed to handle the unique characteristics of video workloads. Tier data to ActiveScale, Scalar Tape or public cloud for long-term video retention and archiving.
Unified Surveillance Platform Architecture

Freedom of Choice

USP is available as software that can be deployed on your server hardware of choice or available in pre-configured VS-HCI appliances, both able to support environments with hundreds to thousands of cameras. VS-HCI Series appliances are also available with Pivot3 Acuity software.

VS-HCI Series

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