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Reduce Data Protection Cost by Over 50%

File-based storage systems, such as scale-out NAS, have become more sophisticated, storing and delivering data to applications and users at an ever-increasing scale. With scale comes challenges, such as how to protect data effectively and efficiently without sacrificing recoverability. Data volumes continue to grow, and enterprises are looking for better ways to protect their unstructured data.

Quantum delivers a data protection solution for scale-out NAS leveraging its software-defined platform as a cost-efficient data repository and a fast data mover to complete backups within a given window.

How Our Solution Works

Quantum’s FlexSync™ and optional Performance Accelerator (PA) software enable fast backups by connecting to all available nodes simultaneously and folding paths into a single entity. As shown in the diagram below, FlexSync copies data to StorNext; data is stored on a small disk cache and then moved to either object storage, tape, or public cloud archive storage. Production NAS environments experience a negligent impact on its performance, while a backup copy of data is stored on more cost-effective storage.

Customers opting to use tape as a lower cost tier may also benefit from Quantum’s Tape Active Vault feature. Tape Active Vault is unique in its ability to ensure protection against ransomware, delivering true offline, air-gapped storage.

Quantifying Cost Savings

As shown in this TCO comparison, an enterprise with 1 PB of scale-out NAS storage may achieve over 50% cost savings over three years.

To build your own TCO comparison and determine your cost savings, download our TCO Calculator via our chatbot.

Featured Benefits


Over 50% Cost Reduction on Backup Storage

FlexSync backs-up data to a StorNext storage system with object, tape, or public cloud as cost-efficient tiers.

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Complete Backups Faster

FlexSync and the Performance Accelerator software connect to all available nodes simultaneously and fold paths into a single entity for fast backup and restore.


Protect Against Ransomware and Cyber Threats

Secondary storage options provide offline, air-gapped backup copies to protect against ransomware.

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