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Security, Durability, and Accessibility of Valued Data

Preserve and Protect Your Valued Data

Whether you manage satellite images, genomic information, feature motion pictures, or other valuable data, your organization faces critical choices when it comes to preserving these valuable assets. Digitally transformed organizations today generate petabytes to exabytes of data annually, and increasingly, recognize the need to store, maintain, and access increasing amounts of this data for the long haul.

The challenge - how to cost-effectively store this data while maintaining easy online access for years and decades to come?

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Modern archiving solutions are concerned with cost-effectively organizing and managing the lifecycle of data from its creation, storage, usage, archiving, to deletion. Increasingly, online access, even of cold data archives, is a requirement to enrich, reuse, and monetize the data’s inherent value.


Store and Preserve More Data for the Long Term

With industry-leading durability, security, and scalability, Quantum actively monitors and protects your data for years and decades.

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Reduce TCO and Unlock More Value from Your Data

Extract more value while reducing total costs with simple data access across collaborators and resources.


Work with Proven Archiving Solution Experts

The world’s largest hyperscale IT environments rely on Quantum archiving solutions to simply meet their most demanding needs.

A Portfolio of Flexible, Secure, and Durable Solutions

Meet your archival needs, from years to decades. Quantum architects the right solution for your workflow and budget, balancing the need for both accessibility and low cost. Quantum provides a range of flexible systems to address both active usage and long-term retention across multiple storage tiers, including file, object, disk, tape, and cloud resources.

  • Simple policy definition, automated workflows, and transparent access to files and objects throughout the entire data lifecycle
  • Up to 19 9’s durability built on advanced erasure coding, geospreading, replication, and immutable WORM technologies
  • Seamless, single namespace scalability from petabytes to exabytes, and billions of files and objects
  • A robust ecosystem for end-to-end data lifecycle management, migration, archiving, and retention solutions
  • Standard API services for easy integration across ecosystem partners and for customized data management workflows
StorNext® File Archives

StorNext® File Archives

Automated tiering to store more data and derive more insight. Policy-based archiving from high-speed tiers to disk, object, tape, and cloud.

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Scalar® Tape Drives and Libraries

Scalar® Tape Drives and Libraries

The lowest cost, secure archival storage option, requiring little power to store data for long periods, and offline resilience to protect against cyber threats.

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ActiveScale™ Object Storage

ActiveScale™ Object Storage

Designed for durability, security, and availability of massive unstructured data. With S3 active and cold data classes, simply scale performance and capacity.

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CatDV Asset Management

CatDV Asset Management

Index, enrich, and organize your archives all in one place - from across file systems, object stores, tape systems, and the public cloud.

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For simplicity and agility, fully managed services for on-prem data management and private storage clouds of active and cold archives.

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Archiving Critical Research Data at The University of Texas at Austin

“With Quantum, I don’t have to try to make things work. Instead I can focus on ways to better support cutting-edge research.”

Frank Douma, Senior Systems Administrator, Large-Scale Systems, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)
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Storing, Protecting, and Providing Access to Petabytes of Genomic Data

“We love the simplicity, ease of use, and architecture of the ActiveScale systems. These systems are truly designed to scale seamlessly to exabyte-scale deployments of on-premises and hybrid data storage solutions.”

David Ardley Head of Technical Delivery, Genomics England
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Scaling Up an Archive for Multimedia Transformation

“In the past, users knew they had to wait for content to be retrieved from the archive. Now it’s much faster than before. We have more drives and faster drives with the Quantum archive.”

Francisco Reyes Technical Chief, Canal Extremadura
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Autonomous Vehicle

Accelerating Autonomous Vehicle Workflows

“The StorNext approach provides the IT team with a wide range of options to meet its future needs. Those include allowing the team to scale performance and capacity separately—and allowing the archive to grow huge while keeping the active performance storage as small as possible to control costs.”

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Simply Manage Your Data’s Lifecycle

Quantum supports a rich ecosystem of archiving software solutions that span global file systems, media asset managers, and data protection, management, and migration applications. Advanced solutions include unstructured and enterprise data enrichment, classification, indexing, search, and analytics.

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