Solutions for Life Sciences

Helping life science organizations to store, protect, and manage critical data used for genomics research, bioinformatics, and medical imaging.

Simplifying Petabyte-Scale Data Growth

Advances in genomics sequencing, microscopy, and bioinformatics have made it possible for researchers to leverage data sets to develop vaccines, find cures, and make new discoveries. The scale of this data, along with the requirements to store and protect this data for decades and longer, has placed enormous demands on IT infrastructures. As scientists and researchers collaborate to solve complex issues, they need to have ready access to shared data of genomic and medical research.

Solutions for Data Access Without Limits

Quantum offers a range of solutions that eliminate the scalability and economic limits so that healthcare and research organizations have instant access to their data in an active archive. Our scalable object storage and file systems, as well as tape storage for secure, low-cost, long-term data retention, allow organizations to boost productivity, make decisions, and accelerate research breakthroughs.

Use Cases



Genomics sequencing data captured for research drives the need for scalability and high performance. Our object storage platform provides a large-scale repository for PBs of objects in a single consolidated system for storage, collaboration, and future analysis.



With our solutions, healthcare data, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data, cat scans, and other forms of medical imaging can be stored and preserved for the long term, while being kept accessible to researchers for future use.

Featured Benefits


Cost-Effectively Scales from 100s of Terabytes to Exabytes

The ActiveScale Object Storage platform scales cost effectively, enabling life sciences teams to keep data on hand indefinitely while making it easy to access.


Storing and Preserving Research Data for the Long Term

Provides the ultimate protection while keeping data accessible to researchers for future use.

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Enables Intelligent Retention and Access for Collaboration

Enables administrators to organize data based on research needs, optimizing performance and access for those who need it.

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