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Quantum helps financial institutions protect their data against cyber attacks, meet compliance and regulations, and unlock value in financial-analytics data.

Reduce Business Risk with a Modern, Data-Protection Infrastructure

The data-protection laws and breach notifications that financial institutions are required to meet are stronger than ever. The right data-protection solution will enable you to meet these compliance and regulatory requirements, while protecting against data loss, cyber attacks, and natural disasters. Quantum works with leading financial institutions around the world to address these challenges and can help you modernize your data-protection infrastructure.

Unlock Value in Big Data Used for Financial Analytics

Financial market analysis generates large sets of data that must be analyzed quickly and stored cost-effectively for future use and reporting. Our object storage platform supports the creation of data lakes generated by big-data analytic applications and addresses their need to process, manage, and analyze data in real-time.

Use Cases

Modernize Data Protection to address Regulatory Requirements and Cyber Threats

Modernize Data Protection to Address Regulatory Requirements and Cyber Threats

The best data-protection strategy includes a multi-layer approach to help you meet regulatory requirements and address cyber threats. Ensure your data is secured and protected to help mitigate the impact and aftermath of data breaches.

Unlock Value in Big Data used for Financial Analytics

Unlock Value in Big Data used for Financial Analytics

Financial institutions are reaching new heights as they look to unlock the ever-growing volumes of large data sets. Quantum's object storage platform stores petabytes of data generated by big-data analytic applications.

Featured Benefits


Meet Regulatory Compliance

With data breach regulations tightening to encourage better protection and mitigation strategies, Quantum reduces the business risk of hackers breaching your data.


Multi-Layer Defense Against Cyber Attacks

A multi-layer defense with immutable snapshots and object-lock capabilities helps financial institutions recover data quickly. A physical airgap provides the security and confidence that your data is protected.

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Unlock Value in Data Used for Financial Analytics

Data must be analyzed quickly and stored cost-effectively for future analysis. Our integrated solutions are designed to help you unlock the value of massive-scale data sets, billions of files, and hundreds of petabytes of data.

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