SDLT600 Downloads

The highly scalable tape drive designed for multiple product generations. Provides 300GB of storage capacity with a transfer speed of 36MB/sec native; 600GB of storage capacity with a transfer speed of 72MB/sec compressed (2:1 compression ratio). Streaming tape drive that uses half-inch wide Super Digital Linear Tape (Super DLTtape II) media.Standard 5.25-inch full-height form factor to simplify integration into system and tape library solutions.Backward read compatibility for SDLT 220 and SDLT 320 tape drive formats with the Super DLTtape I data cartridge type; and the DLT VS160 tape drive format with DLTtape® VS1 data cartridge type.DLTSage iTalk (and Pocket DLTSage iTalk) | Infrared (wireless) interface that provides a remote testing base allows customers and integrators to access system diagnostic information from the front of the SDLT 600 tape drive system. Available in either Ultra 160 or Fibre Channel interface versions.