The highly scalable tape drive designed for video professionals


Ideal for serving a full range of video applications; from hand-carrying video content out to a truck for live production to facility-wide, long-term, secure archive.

Using the built-in FTP client in conjunction with a standard Web browser, Material Exchange Format (MXF) files can be stored and retrieved. A Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) interface allows these drives to be quickly connected and accessed on your network.

Maximum Storage Capacity 300GB

Max Native Data Transfer rate 36MB/sec

Allows for over 6 hours of HD (high definition) and over 25 hours of SD (standard definition) storage on a single Super DLTtape II media cartridge

Provides the benefits of file-based data tape storage and the accessibility of video tape

Access to metadata and clip content by timecode-indexed in and out points through a web-based interface

A standard 5.25-inch full-height form factor to simplify integration into system and tape library solutions

iTalk (and Pocket DLTSage iTalk) | Infrared (wireless) interface that provides a remote testing base allows customers and integrators to access system diagnostic information from the front of the tape drive.

  • SDLT 600A Tabletop
  • SDLT 600A Internal
  • SDLT 600A Rackmount


Drive Read/Write Transfer rate 36 MB/second, native
Formatteed Capacity 300GB native
Maximum Throughput 11 MB/second, native
Cartridge load time to BOT, formatted tape 18 sec
Cartridge load time to BOT, unformatted tape 16 sec
Average file access time 79 sec
Interfaces available Gigabit Ethernet


Tabletop Internal Rackmount
Width 6.88" / 174.75 mm 5.75" / 146.05 mm 16.75" / 425.5 mm
Height 6.48" / 164.46 mm 3.25" / 82.55 mm 3.43" / 87.1 mm
Depth 12.6" / 320.04 mm 8.48" / 215.39 mm 22.38" / 568.5 mm
Weight 13.81 lb / 6.27 kg 5.25 lb / 2.38 kg 54 lb / 24.5 kg


Operating Temperature 50° to 104° F / 10° to 40° C
Non-condensing humidity 20% to 80%
Altitude -500' to +30,000' max
Non-operating Temperature -40° to 151° F/-40° to 66° C
Non-condensing humidity 10% to 95%


Voltage +5V, +12V
Power consumption 40 Watts typical streaming/writing

Media Specifications

SuperDLTtape II media 300 GB native capacity
Tape Length, total 2066 feet
Tape Length, usable 1957 feet

There are no downloadable drivers for this product.

  • Download

    V3.0.11 Server Firmware

    Latest version of Server Firmware for the SDLT600A.

    Notice:The 3.0.11 release resolves an issue seen in 3.0.10 where overwriting data in a folder with subfolders via drag and drop fails with the error "Error -3: Cannot make directory. (already existing entry)."

  • Download

    SDLT v45 Drive Firmware

    SDLT v45 Drive Firmware.

There are no diagnostic downloads for this product.

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