Unified Surveillance Platform

A resilient, flexible, and secure infrastructure for physical security applications using your choice of hardware.

Video Surveillance and Security Depends on a Solid Foundation

Organizations are looking for ways to simplify their physical security environment while lowering costs, reducing security risks, and ensuring flexibility for future growth. The Quantum Unified Surveillance Platform (USP) provides a resilient, flexible, and secure platform for capturing, storing, and managing mission-critical video and hosting other physical security applications, such as access control, visitor management, or security dashboards.



A Software Platform Ideally Suited to Enhance Video Surveillance and Security

The Unified Surveillance Platform is software that runs on your industry standard server of choice to create a unified server, storage and networking infrastructure optimized to handle the unique characteristics of video workloads. The storage, compute, and bandwidth resources of multiple servers equipped with the USP software are combined and managed as a single, unified system from an intuitive management console.

Unified Surveillance Platform Architecture

Featured Benefits

Flexibility to Use Your Server of Choice

Quantum Unified Surveillance Platform brings a completely hardware-agnostic approach to your video surveillance infrastructure. Build and scale your infrastructure with any new or existing standard x86 servers. Subscription-based software offers financial flexibility and operational agility.

Advanced Digital Security

Your video and other data is protected from unauthorized access, spread of malware attacks, and other threats with built-in four-layer security that brings datacenter grade security technology to your physical security infrastructure.

Always-On, Always Available Video

Be confident that video is always being captured and accessible with advanced system-wide resiliency, which withstand complete server failures and multiple disk drive failures without loss of data or system shutdown.

Preserve Video Integrity

Eliminate the risk of frame loss and degraded video and ensure optimum video recording, playback, and viewing with software that is designed to sustain high write performance under high-channel count scenarios and prioritize recent and frequently accessed VMS data for instant playback of critical video.

Software Feature Highlights

Hardware Agnostic Supports any industry standard X86 server that meets minimum CPU and RAM specifications (e.g., Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Huawei, etc.)
Solid State Caching and Tiering Initial writing of video on high performance flash storage for no frame loss.
Flexible Storage Pools Create storage pools for different media types to match application needs.
Intelligent Cache Management Prioritizes VMS activities for fast execution and recent recorded video kept in cache for instant access.
System Resilience and Data Protection  
Multiple Failure Domains Withstand failures across racks, servers, or disks for availability of video in the event of failures.
Application High Availability Applications (VMS and others) automatically moved to another server in the event of a server failure within the cluster.
Non-disruptive, granular scaling Expand storage, compute together, or independently with no system downtime.
Tightly Integrated, Robust Virtualization Platform Hypervisor, software-defined storage and networking, automated failover, built-in intuitive management, no separate licensing.
Management and Monitoring  
Health and Resource Utilization Information on hardware status, application resource utilization, storage capacity utilization, performance, and more.
Phone Home Reporting Configurable alerting and messaging options.

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