Scalar i6

Scalar i6

An enterprise-class tape library that offers the best storage density within a rack, for long-term data archiving and cyber protection.

Data Growth Makes Backup Hard

Efficient and Secure Tape Storage with the Best Storage Density Within a Rack

Scalar® i6 offers a unique solution to address massive data growth challenges. Start with a single, 6U system and grow to fill an entire 48U rack with a single, integrated library that can store up to 36 petabytes of data. Pay for the expanded capacity only when you need it with Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) licensing. The result is a system that enables you to manage massive data growth and long-term storage requirements efficiently and protect it from cyber threats.

Efficient, Intelligent Tape Storage

Intelligent diagnostics monitor systems and issue proactive alerts. A full suite of data security features ensures your data is protected and secure, and automated Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) ensures that your files are readable and safe, no matter how long you retain them.

Scalable Tape Library Offers Solution

Featured Benefits

Maximize Efficiency

Scalar i6 is the most efficient tape library on the market when it comes to time, space, power, and cooling needs. With the highest rack density in the market—providing up to 36 PB in a single 19-inch rack (14.4 PB uncompressed)—Scalar i6 reduces your data center footprint while the 80 PLUS® certified power supplies minimize power and cooling needs, saving on ongoing operating expenses, and enabling a green solution to manage long-term storage.

Manage Data Growth

Scalar i6 has a modular design that simplifies adding storage slots for capacity growth and drives for greater performance. Each 6U module supports up to three full-height LTO tape drives and 100 storage slots, for up to 4.5 PB of storage per module. Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) slot licensing in 50-slot increments, provides a level of storage granularity to help you better manage your storage costs in a pay-as-you-grow approach, with capacity scaling from 2,250 TB up to 36 PB based on LTO-9 compressed capacity. Users can also save costs by using unlicensed slots with the optional Active Vault Software feature for secure “air-gapped” in-library vaulting.

Ensure Data Integrity and Security

Intelligent features available in Scalar i6 ensure that data stored for long-term retention remains both secure and preserved in a readable state, and it cannot be stolen or viewed by unauthorized parties. Even if individual tapes or the entire library are stolen, data encryption AES-256 ensures that the information is safe. Robust data security thwarts data breaches, blackmail, and the associated regulatory compliance complications that come with them.

Reduce Downtime

Scalar i6 has a comprehensive set of high-availability features to ensure the system remains operational and accessible. Redundant power supplies and path failover (for both robotic control and data path) provide the fault tolerance needed in an enterprise system. Additionally, intelligence built into the iLayer software provides a higher level of availability as advanced features like environmental and power monitoring, proactive diagnostics, and media-drive crosstab reporting, identify trends and notify users of potential issues before faults occur—enabling proactive control of the library system to ensure maximum uptime.

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